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Since the announcement of Vue 3 there are two questions I am frequently asked by newcomers and senior Vue developers.

Should I use or learn Vue 2 in 2021? When is the Vue 3 Masterclass coming?

Vue 3 drama

The Vue.js Masterclass is how Vue School started. It was originally created in 2016 as the next step for the readers of my book, The Majesty of Vue.js.

The masterclass has taught Vue.js to 1000s developers and helped many of them land a relevant job.

Also, many companies worldwide use the Vue Masterclass to train their teams, develop high-end front-end applications, and often for onboarding new employees.

Migration from Vue 2

Update: The Vue 3 Masterclass is now available. In the Vue Masterclass people learn how to build production-grade websites with Vue.js.

It begins with the basics, creating a new application, and step-by-step we build a full forum.

We implement everything, including user profiles, permissions, threads, content management, live updates, and whatnot!