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Tenjouhime, Arisu (天上姫 アリス) is a Preset Student. Arisu is a female student with pastel rainbow hair worn in twin drills and heterochromatic eyes (one red, one yellow).


CodeCheatIn-game Description
coffeeFill Energy 100%."Full Energy"
tiredPlayer Pass Out."Low Energy"
deprMake the player depressed."90% depression"
!deprRemove player depression."0% depression"
kindThe player becomes Kind."Max kindness"
meanLower Player Kindness."Lowest kindness"
confMax player confidence."Max confidence"
!confLower player confidence."Lowest confidence"
hereEveryone follows you."All classmates decide to approach you"
love allThe player is now bisexual and is in love with everyone."You become bisexual and love everyone"
hate allThe player becomes hateful and hate everyone."You hate everyone"
bullyThe player becomes a bully, Max confidence and lower kindness."Lowest kindness and Max confidence
jerryThe player is now hated by everyone"Everyone hates you"
ready2kissKiss stats become full, the player will be able to kiss."Set your stats ao you'll be able to kiss others"
refresh You reset your status to zero and no one will have an opinion on you. You still have an opinion on them."Everyone's opinion on you is set to neutral"
saveInstant save game. but not the time"Saves everything but the time"
toggle hudToggle screen elements enabled, or disabled."Toggle all hud elements on and off"
hushMute Music"Mutes all background music"
polygamistThe player can have as much girlfriend's and boyfriend's as it wants."Changes Love Loyalty"
monogamistPlayer now can have only one girlfriend or boyfriend by time."Changes Love Loyalty"
yandereThe player is now yandere and focus only on one person."Changes Love Loyalty"
tsunThe player is now a tsundere."100% Tsundere"
!tsunRemove tsundere trait from the player."0% Tsundere"
random lookRandomize entire Player appearance.

She wears 3D glasses and seems to favor gray and pastel colors in her outfits, particularly light blue.