Davis Vantage Pro 2 Software

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RELEASE DATE: 10/08/2020. This firmware is only for Wireless Vantage Pro2 Consoles manufactured April 2006 or later (product code of #6312.

This will not work on a 6312C Cabled Console). The Inside Temp, Inside Hum, and Barometer readings will not appear if version 3.88 firmware is installed on consoles manufactured before April 2006.

Firmware version 3.88. Improved evapotranspiration (ET) calculation. Firmware version 3.80. Modified heat index table to better support high temp and high humidity environments.

Firmware version 3.65. Restored "Receiving From" from initial boot screen for easier setup configuration. Firmware version 3.62.

Minor improvements to allow use of new (or alternate)Temp/Hum and Barometer.

  • Added additional support for international radio frequencies.
  • Many other readings such as windchill temperature, rainfall rate, sunrise and sunset times are calculated by the console
  • Sunshine and UV intensity sensors are options for all VP2 stations
  • The anemometer is separate from the main ISS sensor assembly, giving the key benefit that the anemometer can be mounted up high to measure maximum wind speeds, with other readings being measured more accurately closer to ground level
  • Fan-aspirated shields are available as an option to improve temperature accuracy
  • Large impressive LCD display on the console
  • Easy installation with screw & U-bolt fixings (excluding pole) and fully detailed installation manuals included

More details on Davis web site: Davis Vantage Pro 2.

The Davis Vantage Vue weather station is aimed at providing all the well-known Davis qualities of reliability and accuracy in a lower cost, compact and easy-to-use wireless-only package.

Key features of the Vue include:

  • Wind speed & direction, with updates every 2.5 seconds allowing the display of true wind gust data
  • Air temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Rainfall

The Vantage Vue station consists of just two components: the display console shown here and a single all-in-one outside sensor assembly (referred to - by analogy with the VP2 systems - as the Vue ISS or Integrated Sensor Suite) - see picture below. Essentially all that's required to install a Vue station is to attach the ISS to a suitable pole or mast by means of a single U-bolt and within wireless range of the display console, and to power up the system.

More details on Davis web site: Davis Vantage vue.