Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station

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To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to aweb browser thatsupports HTML5 video. I’m somewhat biased: I’ve had my Davis Vantage Vue wireless weather station installed in my backyard since September 2016. But as a result, I can provide you with a long-term review, one that has many more positives than negatives. My Vantage Vue was through a lot these past five-plus years, including several blizzards, freezing temperatures, and triple-digit heat. And with just a minimal amount of maintenance, my experience has been mostly trouble-free. However, you pay for this kind of reliability and quality. The Vantage Vue is one of the more expensive personal weather stations on the market, only eclipsed by the higher-end Davis Vantage Pro2. While the Vantage Vue is showing its age, and its connectivity options limited, it remains the best mid-grade weather station on the market. Pros:Accuracy is nearly on par with the Vantage Pro 2Extremely reliableWell-constructed and durable. Accuracy is nearly on par with the Vantage Pro 2. Extremely reliable. Well-constructed and durable. Cons:Internet connectivity is optional, and expensive5-in-1 sensor isn’t the best for accurate readingsNo expandability.