Davis Weather Pro 2

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Cliff Mass highly recommends this weather station.

So it must be good at measuring the weather. If real-time info is all you want, then I suppose this must be one of the best. But for the price, I imagine you want to record the data and monitor it. The product comes with no wifi, no bluetooth, no usb port, no nothing to allow connection to a computer.

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  • You can buy a dongle for about an additional $170 (for something that probably costs $6 to produce - it is just a serial to usb converter) and some software that has reviews so bad I didn't dare try it.
  • Davis needs to enter the 21st century and provide a product that can connect to modern data silos - like computers with modern operating systems and smart phones.
  • My kitchen appliances connect to my smart phone - and their price is way lower than this weather station.
  • Sensor suite includes outside temperature and humidity sensors in a passive radiation shield; wind speed and direction; and rainfall.
  • Mount anemometer up to 40’/12 m from the rest of sensor suite for flexible siting.
  • Console includes inside temperature and humidity sensors and barometer; shows all sensor data as well as indexes, dewpoint, moon phase, alarms, highs/lows, forecast, and more.
  • On-screen graphing of weather data shows you over 100 graphs for last 24 hours, days, months or years; tickertape provides forecast and meteorological information.
  • Set 22 simultaneous console alarms to warn of dangers such as high wind, freezing temperatures, high rain rate, heat index, and more.
  • Sensor suite is solar-powered with battery back-up; console is AC-powered with battery back-up.
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions people have about the Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station.

What is Vantage Pro2?

The Davis Vantage Pro2 is a research-grade weather station that provides information that is accurate enough for official broadcast and experimentation. It is designed to deliver reliable, accurate data year after year and is highly configurable, coming with a wide range of sensors and the ability to add on others. It also provides historical data, highs and lows, moon phase, indexes, forecasts and much more.

How do I connect my Vantage Pro2 to the Internet?

The easiest way to connect your wireless Vantage Pro2 to the Internet is using the Davis WeatherLink Live. The sensor suite sends data to WeatherLink Live via radio, then the data is uploaded to WeatherLink.com and the WeatherLink mobile app via Wi-Fi or an ethernet cable.

You can upload your data to a weather service website such as Weather Underground by logging in to WeatherLink.com. Click Share & Uploads, then click Upload, and Add Upload. Choose Weather Underground from the pull-down menu, then enter your station ID and Key.

How do I change the battery in my Vantage Pro2?

The wireless Vantage Pro2 weather station’s sensor suite operates using solar power with a battery back-up that automatically kicks on when needed. The console uses AC power with three C-Cells for backup in case power is lost.

The wireless Vantage Pro2 sensor suite uses a 3-volt CR123 lithium backup battery. It should last several years depending on solar charging. If you receive a “Low battery on station X” message on the console, it is time to change the 3-volt Lithium battery. The battery compartment is located inside the transmitter shelter. To replace the battery, open the transmitter cover and replace the battery. (The battery error might not disappear immediately. It should reset at midnight.)

Your wireless console batteries should last up to 9 months without AC-power.

The cabled Vantage Pro2 sensor suite is AC-powered through the console. The cabled system console batteries should last about a month without AC power.

A message that reads, “Low Battery Console” indicates that the batteries should be replaced. To replace them, with AC power connected, open the battery compartment on the back of the console.

How do I reset my Vantage Pro2?

The Vantage Pro2 weather station console does not have a reset button. To reset the unit unplug it from the AC power source and remove the batteries. Wait 10-20 seconds, and then power the unit on again.