Davis Weather Station Troubleshooting

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Maintaining the Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) will assure that your weather instruments will continue to perform at their highest accuracy.

Maintaining the Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) in Vantage Pro2 weather station

How To Clean And Maintain Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station

These are some issues you may encountered if not maintaining the Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS).

Davis Instruments FAQ

Console shows the message: “LOW TX BATTERY” (wireless stations only). The common solutions you may perform into anemometer wind vane is to:. Replace the 3-volt lithium battery inside the transmitter shelter.

A little note, because note saves you from despair. The message “LOW CONSOLE BATTERIES” indicates that the C-cell batteries in the console need to be replaced.

If you forgot what ISS is, please see below image/picture. This is a list of weather station showing the ISS or the Integrated Sensor Suite.

8 Most Common Weather Station Problems

  1. These are the common issues you may encountered in ISS solar panel:.
  2. Solar panels look hazy. In order to fix that problem, use these following solution.
  3. Sunlight can make the solar panels look hazy or cloudy. However, this haziness will not affect performance and needs no maintenance.

4. Low Battery Warning On The Console

  • You should just keep the solar panels clear of snow, dust or debris for best charging. This section is tailored for Weather Station troubleshooting for Davis Vantage Vue and Davis Vantage Pro2.
  • However, there are common issues that will apply to any personal weather station.
  • Even if the specifics are not the same, the information may help while enjoying any of our weather stations. The most accurate information should be in the owner’s manual for each station. If the manual is lost or mislaid, most manufacturers have PDF copies online for you to download. Davis weather stations typically provide years of trouble-free service, however, from time to time some things can still go wrong. Whether you contact the company via telephone, email, or online chat, they will need two pieces of information in order to give the best service.
  • These are the exact Product / Part Number and Manufacturing Code of the station component. The Product / Part Number is the main Davis catalog number needed to identify and fix your problem.
  • The Mfg Code is the serial number and manufacture date for each unit that will also help the technician ensure that the correct parts are installed for your weather station.

11. Display Is Blank

Both can be found on the label of your unit. The label for the Vantage Vue ISS is located on the underside of the unit.

Other sensor transmitters will have the label on the internal transmitter board cover, which will be obvious once the outer door is opened.

  1. Labels for consoles are on the back or underside of the unit. Data logger labels are on the side of the unit which faces into the console when installed (the logger must be removed to see the label). TIP: Before mounting the Integrated Sensor Suite, copy the label data onto a Post-It note and place the note on the back of the console.
  2. Then you will not have to get the ladder out if you need to contact the Service Center. Sometimes the console will display a Fault Code or will malfunction apparently.
  3. Usually, these conditions can be corrected or cleared by simply resetting or rebooting the console.
  4. The Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro 2 consoles do not have a designated “reset” switch.
  5. So, initiating a reboot requires completely powering down the unit by removing all power sources, i.e.
  6. the main power cord and the batteries. Leave the power disconnected for at least 10-20 seconds before restarting.
  7. It is a good habit to listen for the beeps as the unit reboots. These serve as an indication that the reboot is successful. The Envoy console will beep once, the VP2 twice and 3 beeps for the Vue console.
  8. Add one beep to the sequence if there is a data logger installed.

Vue and VP2 consoles will not display data until the unit exits “Set Up” mode. Most units will exit Set-Up automatically after 10 minutes, but older firmware may display “Receiving from” on the ticker line at the bottom of the display.

  1. Simply exit Set-Up by giving the Done button a ‘long press’. If there are no texts or icons displayed on the LCD screen, most like the cause is a power failure.
  2. Check both the 5v AC adapter and the three ‘C’ cells in the battery compartment.
  3. If the console works on batteries but not on the adapter, assume that the adapter is defective. If the unit powers up using the adapter but not on batteries, check the following:. Ensure batteries are installed with correct polarity.
  4. If possible, check each cell with a multi-meter to verify the charge – 1.2 to 1.3v.
  5. If a multi-meter is not available, try installing fresh batteries. Inspect battery holder to ensure that springs are not loose or other parts are disconnected.
  6. Note: Storing the unit with old batteries may allow them to leak and damage the battery holder.
  7. If all or most of the characters on the display are lit but will not clear or respond to button presses, the display may have locked up.
  8. This usually occurs when powering up the unit or if the AC adapter experiences a power spike.
  9. The usual remedy is to reboot the console as described above.