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Wind direction calibration for your Weather Station: Vantage Connect or Enviromonitor


A Davis weather station's anemometer should be oriented northward. A correction can be made inside WeatherLink.com if this isn't done or isn't feasible. The steps to accomplish this are outlined below.

Instructions for using EnviroMonitor

  • Go to WeatherLink.com and find the weather station that needs to be fixed.
  • Next, select Device->Device Configuration from the "wrench" symbol.
  • Then, next to the highlighted ID #, click "edit."
  • Select "advanced options" on the following screen. (For further information, check below image)
  • Finally, in degrees, input the angle between the install direction and true North, then click exit.

Vantage Connect Instructions

  • Log in to WeatherLink.com and choose the weather station that need correction.
  • Then go to Device->Device Settings by clicking the "wrench" symbol.
  • Finally, in degrees, input the difference between the install direction and actual North, then save and exit.

Please contact us with any further questions.