Dc Hour Meter

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Simple and reliable mechanical hour meter that I installed on my Honda 2000i generator. Required a simple cut and wiring to make work, but didn't want one of those electronic versions that need a battery to keep hours that will eventually will die from low battery and lose record of hours. I can't say how long this will last, but they have been used for many years and have reliable service for a mechanical hour meter that has a long history of working.Update: Now about three months later, this item still working well, however, the window did fog up on the inside somewhat during a warm morning shower.

Dried out and still works great, but apparently not sealed well from weather. LCD Hour Meter Module for PCB Mount. Redington Hour Meters are available in AC and DC configurations. Models are protected for two times battery voltage and / or reverse polarity.

Models are available in standard industry housings. The quartz time base insures accurate long-term time keeping.