Decorative Large Plastic Wall Tiles

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Whether decorating your home or office space, you will most likely consider a number of decorative elements including colour, fixtures, and other extras that will impress visitors. The right décor can turn a house into a home while professional spaces can also benefit from appropriate inspiration.

Design Your Walls

It's one thing to paint and change the carpets or flooring. You might consider hanging a piece of art or photographs on a particular wall but, somehow, it still feels like there is something missing. This is where 3D wall panels come in! They have proven consistently if not increasingly popular over the years and can be used in both personal and professional settings.

Not only are they a real pleasure to look at, but these panels are also extremely easy to install. Since they are lightweight, they can simply be glued directly onto a flat surface. They are available in various colours and texture patterns which means that you can easily find at least one option you love. These panels are made from various materials and, depending on the type of material you choose, some of them can also be painted. Those that can be painted usually arrive unfinished which means that they are white and buyers can choose to leave them as they are or apply a fresh coat of paint.

3D Panel Design

When choosing a 3D wall panel design, it's important to consider the current as well as the potential future style of the room. Versatility is key for many home and business owners. You might not want to feel forced to redo a panel covered wall just because you change the colour or style of the room. It's also important to remember that, unlike ceiling tiles, these panels do not need to cover the entire room. In fact, they look best when used to create a kind of accent or focal wall.

In the past, accent walls were usually walls painted or decorated in another colour. Later, wall murals started becoming popular – and they have remained incredibly popular today. 3D wall panels, however, take it to the next level with designs that quite literally jump out at you! The amazing visual effect of these panels are their greatest advantage.

Final Designing Steps

After considering your colour options, make a list of these colours to help you stay on track while browsing and shopping. For a subtle look, choose a light colour that will almost blend into the background. You can then apply some soft spotlights in this area to make the contours stand out. If you love the idea of greater contrast, you can choose a shade that is significantly lighter or darker than the rest of the room. For example, a beige and light brown room will look great when you add dark brown faux leather panels.

Another important tip to remember is to ask for help whenever you are in doubt. An expert will be able to help you enhance any living or work space by suggesting the best panel designs to suit the room.