Decorative Stone For Inside Walls

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Covering Wall decoration#. Designers continue to rely on the naturalness of texture and raw materials. In view of this, decorative stone is their favorite, secret weapon. For the most part, it is completely natural and has an expressive, self-sufficient aesthetics.

How is decorative stone different from natural stone? The fact that it is produced by humans using special mixtures and forms. At the same time, the product pattern repeats in detail the section of natural analogues. That is, an artificial stone is a worthy replacement for travertine, slate, granite and many other rocks and minerals.

We have learned to make artificial stone a long time ago. Masters of the Middle Ages added crumb from tufa, dolomite, marble to the concrete mortar, obtaining a durable, noble building material. Today, artificial stone is a fairly lightweight tile, which is pressed from a wide variety of compositions. Depending on the main components, a decorative stone can be:. In addition, the market offers a “liquid” stone in the form of spraying, which covers the countertops and bar counters. And also a flexible stone veneer: they decorate not only walls, but also furniture facades, countertops.