Decorative Wall Boards Panels Uk

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Wainscoting is a wall panelling feature that runs only to dado rail height. Traditionally it would have been a sheet of wooden material and, other than providing decoration, it added insulation and protected the wall from knocks and scuffs. Wall panelling is a more general term that refers to a multitude of decorative wall features.

There are many options. Panel mouldings are a great value way to create a bespoke feature. In effect, you cut strips of material to form square or rectangular frame shapes. For additional embellishment you can add decorative corners, or you can simply mitre a square corner.

  1. This type of feature was common in both Georgian and Victorian homes but, with the right configuration, can also look surprisingly modern.
  2. You can create exactly the right sizes and shapes for your room and, because you’re not using whole sheets of material, panel mouldings are remarkably cost effective.
  3. Raised panels create a traditional Georgian wall panelling feature. Usually they are installed below dado height, with the addition of panel mouldings above the dado if full height panelling is required.
  4. Shaker style wall panelling is much more linear and plain, but still makes for an impactful feature.

It’s simplicity makes it look quite contemporary, too. You can run this up to dado height, or to full wall height. In addition to these traditional wall panelling styles we have Tongue & Groove options, traditional oak style wall panelling, as well as several gorgeous, contemporary styles, that are much loved by interior designers.

All of our wall panelling options are made from high grade polymer materials. These are solidified expanded foams with outer surfaces that replicate the look and feel of traditional materials. Unlike traditional materials they are lightweight and durable, and so are much more easy to install.

For most options we have a free sample service. We are also quite expert in advising how you can best achieve your feature. So why not put us to the test and give us a call? We look forward to hearing from you. View our full collection of PVC wall cladding and panels online.