Difference Between Vue And React

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  • React.js and Vue.js are the two frontend JavaScript frameworks that are popular in the developer world.
  • React works together with HTML documents through virtual DOM and is abided by a declarative form of programming.
On the contrary, Vue is seen as a progressive framework that states that you can migrate your current projects’ features at a given time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of React

Both React and Vue offer software developers a constructive approach to building varied web applications, but each has its best usage cases and responds to different business needs.

  • In this article on Vue vs React, we will explore its concepts and what makes these two technologies unique.

  • As a web development agency in Canada, we let our experienced web developer explain the differences between both the frameworks.

  • Let’s start with understanding what exactly is Vue?

Mobile development

Table of Content. Advantages and Disadvantages of Vue. Advantages and Disadvantages of React. Vue.js is a front-end and open-source JavaScript framework.Its model-view-view-model architecture is used for developing single-page applications and user interfaces.

  • It is developed by Evan You and employs ‘high decoupling’, permitting the Vue developers to gradually make user interfaces.

  • Vue.js is an advanced framework for developing user interfaces.Contrary to the rest of the monolithic frameworks, Vue js is created from scratch to be incrementally adoptable.

  • The main library of the Vue framework is dedicated to the view layer only and is pretty easy to pick up as well as incorporated with many libraries or prevailing projects.

Moreover, Vue js is also impeccably proficient in powering classy single-page applications when utilized in an arrangement with supporting libraries and contemporary tooling.

Sr. No.KeyReactJSVue.js
1ConceptReactJS is a javascript library and utilizes JSX approach for development.Vue.js is javascript based MVC framework. It uses templates based approach for development.
2Released inReact.js was released in May 2013.Vue.js was released in Feb 2014.
3UsageReact.js is used in interactive web and mobile based applications.Vue.js is used in responsive web based applications.
4SpeedReact speed is good but less than Vue.jsVue.js is faster than React.js in performance.
5Backed ByFacebook.Laravel, Alibaba.
6State Management LibraryMobX is used as State Management Library.VueX is used as State Management Library.
7Used byPayPal, Netflix, Airbnb, Instagram etc.Alibaba, GitLab, Trustpilot, etc.
  • Vue.js is one of the most renowned web frameworks that is used to streamline web app development.
Vue js can be easily assimilated into huge projects for front-end app development without any problems.