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Digital Photo FrameWould you like your pictures to be appearing in the beautiful Digital frame? These fantasy frames are ideal for you to frame your memories and make them unforgettable. Using this app you can make photos more beautiful by decorating them with fantastic free Digital photo frame, effects, text and stickers. ✿✿Choose photo from Album and select a frame and generate your Digital photo frames. Enjoy the best Digital photo frames in App Store.With Photo Frame you can add new frames to your favorite photosDigital Photo Frame editor is packed with templates, text with fun fonts, photo effects, backgrounds, stickers, grid and layout options, emojis and exciting Digital photo editor tools to make your photos extra special, really beautiful photo. February 15, 2021. *Digital picture frames are great because it's a whole lot easier to swap out photos of your loved ones, rotating images keep your living room or corridor feeling fresh, and you can showcase a themed group of photos that fit the occasion like childhood photos of your uncle on his 70th birthday.Get the best from your IOS device and turn it into a powerful photo frame with Digital Photo Frame! NEW: Improved version with a lot of features requested by our users. I made some App improvements so you can keep enjoying all your favorite photos and videos. - Give the user the option to choose either to loop or not to loop.- Video slides with autoplay off will now have the same duration as image slides.- Videos were sometimes being cut off when they were not loading right away. Now, when a video takes a few seconds to load the video will still be played the whole length.- Improves loading animation icon.Love the App?
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Hi Manuel, I want it to display 12 hour time, but it’s stuck on 24 hour, even after force quitting and restarting the app.
Would be cool if the text background could be a little more opaque, or maybe an opacity adjustment in settings?
Otherwise it’s excellent, and filling a niche that I haven’t seen any other app fill..ESPECIALLY because it supports iCloud Photo Library!
Excellent work.
I subscribed for a year.
I repurposed an old iPad to replace the Google Nest Hub to show photos in the kitchen, because I decided to switch the family to Apple and away from Google.
Thanks for your review.
I’ll investigate the issue about the time being stuck and I’ll improve the readability on the boxes in the next update.
Thanks again for reaching out and let me know if you have any other feedback.
🙏 - Update: I've just pushed a new update that should fix the issues.
Thanks again for letting me know.
Hands down, The best app for safe- keeping & family sharing of life's most memorable moments.
Super easy to navigate all of the features.