Digital Water Meter Problems

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Other Causes of Water Meter Problems

The first YouTube video above shows a smart water meter with the RF emissions being measured by a Cornet Electrosmog Meter and a Trifield Meter.

The second video shows a smart water meter being measured by a Cornet Electrosmog 88T Meter in Ramona, CA. California’s Ramona Municipal Water District is currently installing microwave-emitting, wireless smart water meters throughout the town of Ramona and its suburb, San Diego Country Estates.

They are replacing old-style analog meters that must be read by a meter reader. With the new meters, manufactured by Master Meter, of Israel, RMWD meter readers won’t have to get out of the truck, just drive down the street and automatically collect the data for the 75 miles of roads this water district covers.

What’s not to like with these so-called “smart” water meters? Smart water meters only benefit the company, not the water customers.The manufacturer brags in its product overview that these smart water meters will detect previously undetectable leaks (thus implying billings will be higher); that REVENUES WILL BE GREATER for the water company, and thus, the initial costs will be paid for in a short period of time (by the consumers, obviously).

* This claim that smart meters detect previously unbilled usage, is typical of utility and water companies’ verbiage to respond to outraged customers with complaints about excessively high bills, with reports of increased billing up to 600% following installation.

Smart water meters frequently overcharge customers, sometimes into the thousands of dollars.

Google “smart meters water overbilling” for thousands of examples, nationwide. Read Chicago’s Smart Water Meters Regularly Overcharge Customers.

Know Your Water Usage in Gallons and Cubic Feet

Smart water meters emit high levels of pulsed radiation. Peak levels of this pulsed radiation are comparable to those emitted by cell towers. Smart meters deployed along streets means children walking to school, drivers and their passengers, people walking dogs or exercising for health – will all be exposed to dangerous microwave radiation.

Smart water meters operating in this frequency range (902-928 MHz) have been known to interfere with the operation of other devices, or rendering them useless.

These include baby monitors, cordless phones, garage door openers, and more. Smart water meters can cause malfunction or popping noises heard from cordless phones, for instance; with reports of up to several hundred popping noises every minute.** In addition, they can interfere with amateur radio stations within these frequency bands.

One might ask, do these other devices also interfere with operation of the smart water meter – increasing its unreliability and accuracy, contributing to overbilling?

Can cause serious disruption and even disability for residents. Some people can physically hear a shrill ringing or clicking noises after smart meters have been installed, and in quite a number of cases, there have been reports this has caused severe ear pain. Some people can no longer live in an area after smart meters have been installed. In addition, some animals, including household pets, become ill after smart meters have been installed.

Note that exposure to the radiation emitted by smart utility meters has been associated with development of serious health effects, according to a growing number of independent physicians and scientists, including disturbance to heart, development of cancers, inflammation, vision problems, electro-sensitivity, etc.***.

* ** Smart meter interference, a white paper. *** The RMWD water meters are located near the curb of the local streets, one per residence.

Often near the driveway. The following are measurements taken with a Cornet Electromsog 88T Meter on Nov. 12, 2017, to compare the emissions to the ambient levels in the neighborhood. On a recent occasion, observation of this same RMWD smart water meter showed large spikes in RF radiation every second or two.

Variances can occur. 12, 2017, Ramona Municipal Water District’s “smart” water meter emitted pulsed microwave radiation 22,742.857 times higher than the natural ambient levels of neighborhood.

Also, the RMWD smart water meter’s emissions were 5,306.666 times higher than independent scientists* ( believe is safe. Upon calling RMWD, I was told that the manufacturer claimed these smart water meters do not emit radiation and that they are “asleep” until the truck comes by.

As these photos show, that is not true! Ramona Municipal Smart Water Meters are dangerous to the health of the public, according to hundreds of scientists’ and physicians’ warnings about smart meters & health. Children walking to school, families walking the dog, joggers, people walking for health – all will be subjected to a street filled with microwave radiation if Ramona’s water district continues to deploy these meters.

It will result in elevating the electrosmog in this nearly pristine, beautiful, mountain neighborhood of San Diego Country Estates where 10,000 people live. Another 10,000 in the main town of Ramona will be subjected to elevated electrosmog and microwave radiation. We call for Ramona Municipal Water District to stop the installation of these radiation-emitting smart water meters! Click here to view a “Do Not Install Smart Water Meter” form for download. Can be used for Ramona’s water district or tailored for your own.

Print and place inside waterproof ziplock baggie, inside the meter box. Do-not-install smart water meter sign inside meter box. To download the sign as a pdf go to:. To download the sign as a Word doc (which may be modified for any water district) go to:.

Here is an informational packet sent to Ramona’s water department by the Director of CEP, recently: Reasons-to-Say-No-to-Smart-Meters, produced by CEP, is useful to educate electric, gas, and water utilities concerning the dangers of smart meters.