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Bring your favorite Disney characters ( and toys!) to life with Disney Infinite 2.0, now with superheroes. Disney's popular 'toys to life' game expands with it's second edition, this time incorporating the marvel Universe of characters. The game features high detail, collectible figures that are encoded such that when they are placed on a special play mat, the characters visual representation is projected on the screen and the player has can play with that character.

Its a great system that extends the idea of playing with toys.

How to install the game Disney Infinity?

  • The first version of Disney Infinite was confined to classic Disney characters, 2.0 focuses on marvel Superheroes but also includes other classic and modern Disney characters as well.
  • Disney Infinite is a platform, adventure and RPG game that allows users to play as a number of characters with different abilities.
  • The game comes with several modes of play including a story mode and free play modes that let players create their own stories, or own versions of their stories.
  • the mechanic is fairly unique in that you can play with any character that you own the model for, and can put any character into any story.
  • Players can level up their favorite characters, increasing their stats and unlocking new abilities in true RPG fashion.

The character's information is stored in the model itself and can be moved to a different play mat, encouraging players to play the game with their friends.

  • Multiplayer on the same machine is encouraged.