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What are Naruto Games?

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All the boys are looking for awesome categories to play adventure games, action games, fighting and battle games with amazing characters, so we are presenting the 2020 Naruto games category, in which you can find all these types of games inside a new category, with a classic story that you could have watched on TV.
Naruto started in Japan as a manga magazine and comic book for children, but it soon becomes so popular that it was aired throughout the world through popular applets. The Naruto cartoon had 220 episodes that were aired in Japan between 2002 - 2007, since it was brought to Europe and America, and was aired through 2005 - 2009 on Cartoon Network and after that there was another series of 500 episodes on Disney XD from 2009 - 2011, and Naruto become a very popular story for boys all ages that watched two of the most popular cartoon broadcasting outlets.

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Naruto Uzumaki

The entire story of this show and games category here on our website has one main character, called Naruto Uzumaki, a boy from a Japanese village that has a dream of becoming the best ninja in the world, and for that, he has to go to a special school. Naruto tries to live an ordinary teenage boy's life, but at the same time train and learn to become a deadly ninja once he is a grown-up, and that almost never goes as he plans, and you will see in how many trouble he and his friend and colleagues are getting.
All these ninja adventures are going to be represented in this new games category through fighting games, adventures games, action games, and even different types of ability challenges that ninjas need to be focused, drive motorcycles, bicycles, and even cars in some of our games for kids that you can start playing for free.
The Naruto adventure started when the powerful fox, the Nine-Tails attacks Konoha, the leaf village in the Land of Fire, where Naruto was born. When the powerful fox strikes the village, the Konoha leader defeated the fox and decided to trap all the powers inside his newborn baby son, which is Naruto Uzumaki, which changed his life even though he did not know it until he got older and started to train to become a Hokage ninja.
All the events from that day were forbidden by one of the Hokage that runs the village, but Naruto did not have an easy life growing up, everybody knowing the secret but him, until one day, when he was 12 years old, and old renegade ninja that was not part of the Hokage order anymore, told Naruto the secret powers of the Nine-Tails fox that he has inside of him, and that infuriates Naruto, who started to fight Mizuki - the renegade ninja - and even manages to defeat him in the fight, which makes him a better ninja pupil and makes his ninja teacher, Iruka Umino proud and impressed by Naruto's strength at such a fragile age, seeing a beautiful further for his student.
The future of Naruto's ninja legacy is following its normal course, so he goes to a special ninja school, where he meets with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, which will become Naruto's friends and competition at the same time. Naruto and Sasuke always are in a competition of who is the best ninja, and even though Sasuke is more disciplined and driven by revenge, Naruto is able to keep up with Sasuke. Naruto is funny and always tries to make jokes in class. Sakura is a cute girl with pink hair that is also powerful, and her strength makes Naruto like her even more, and they three make the Team 7, a team of junior ninjas lead by the line Ninja called Kakashi Hatake. For them to become ninjas, they have to perform several missions that are difficult and hard, and might even be with fighting and action challenges that they have to overcome in order to get great grades from their elite ninja and master Kakashi, which is very hard on his students and wants them to keep their head in the game 100%.
Being a school, even though a different one which makes you a real ninja at the end, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have to take exams and tests to go in further classes that are more difficult and which will take them one step closer into becoming elite ninjas, which is their dream and why they work as hard as they do. These exams are called Chunin. Kakashi Hatake allows the three to take their first Chunin exam, when Orochimaru, a criminal, and villain of the story attacks Konoha.
During their quest and adventure to defeat Orochimaru, Naruto found out that the villain started to train his friend Sasuke because he seems him as being one of the most powerful ninjas to be due to his powers, the Sharingan. Sasuke is driven by revenge, as we already said because he is in a feud with his brother, and Sasuke thinks that Orochimaru is the right man to teach him how to channel all of his strength, hate and the power of the Sharingan to defeat his brother - Itachi - the next time that they meet. When the elite ninjas and the Hokage find out that Sasuke joined Orochimaru, they sent a team of ninjas including Naruto to spot their training and try to bring Sasuke back to the leaf village, but without success, and their friendship isn't as strung as Sasuke's desire for revenge over his brother Itachi.

Teen Naruto becoming stronger

In the attempt to return Sasuke to their group, Naruto left the apprentice of Kakashi Hatake and her received training for two and a half years from Jiraya, a very powerful and smart ninja that took Naruto's training to the next level, and made him faster, more powerful and more intelligent than ever, even though Naruto kept his funny spirit through all of his missions and quests.
The search for Sasuke started again when Naruto has returned to the leaf village, where all the Leaf ninjas want to retrieve Sasuke and try to save him, as Orochimaru was beginning to turn his apprentice into a villain that everybody started to be afraid of. During this new quest of the Leaf ninjas, they stumbled upon the Tailed Beasts, which are followers of Orochimaru, and even though they managed to defeat most of them, one more host of the beasts is still alive, and his name is Gaara.

Download Game Naruto Ps2 For Pc

The entire story is about to change 180 degrees, because Sasuke betrayed Orochimaru, manages to defeat his brother in a very long and hard fight that they had, and after that, he found out that his brother had a quest and that's why he betrayed and abandoned him when he was young. Sasuke accepted to continue his brother's adventure and mission, and become one of the biggest enemies for the Leaf village of Konoha because Sasuke started in a mission to destroy the entire village, and so his path and Naruto's paths are going to cross again, and there's a big fight ready to happen once Sasuke decides to attack the village, and Naruto makes it back home.
As the days go by, Naruto's power is stronger and stronger, being difficult for him to keep control over the Nine-Tail creature that he has inside him, so in his attempt to defend the Leaf village, he almost destroys it, but that helped him to show how big his power can be, so it's a turning point for the character that was even more serious, and all the villagers that had doubts about his ability to be named an elite ninja, disappeared and they all have a lot of respect for Naruto for the future.
Even though Sasuke started this final part of the series being a villain and wanting to destroy Konoha village, he learned that the history did not point out that the Leaf village was responsible for his clan's downfall, and that made him have better intentions and rejoins Naruto and Sakura to Madara's plans, but a new adventure is about to start when the ninja trio founds out that Madara was possessed by an ancient princes warrior that wants to destroy the free will of humanity, and her name is Kaguya Otsutsuki. Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura with the Team 7 ninjas will have to fight Madara and Kaguya at once in order to save the village once again.
DownloadThis is just the storyline of the Cartoon animation that you could see on TV, but there's the manga section of the story which appeared in comic books and Manga tv shows that have plenty of spin-offs, and they have little side stories that you would love to see, hear or read.

Playing with Naruto

Being an exclusive games for boys category, you can see that all the games that we have prepared for you are for boys, but there are a few dress-up challenges, in which Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke might need a change of clothes and change of style, and so you can come up with new Ninja outfits that these three Hokage can start wearing through their games.
Once you get started and searching through the category, you dear children can see how many types of games you will be able to find inside this new category. Ninja fighting games are the most popular in this new category, and you can see that Naruto and his friends are waiting for you to make sure that you will manage to control entire their Sharingan powers, their Nine-Tail powers and ninja abilities like throwing knives, running fast, jumping high and fast hits to their enemies and be sure that you win all the fights that they started through their action games.

Naruto Ninja Storm Free Download

Being teenagers, they can prepare for your different types of sports activities like playing football, basketball, or tennis, so you have to take a look at them and try to help Naruto defeat Sasuke at all of them because we all know how competitive the two boys can be. There are plenty of motorcycle and bicycle riding games in this new category, and you will have a great time playing them all using the default controls - A, S, W, D or the ARROW keys on the keyboard - to go as fast as possible, drift and take tight corners while attempting to do all kinds of stunts.


As the original series of Naruto anime and cartoons were a real success, and the plot ended with Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura rejoining forces, the story of Naruto was brought to life after 2 years with the Boruto series. The Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series also was a real success, and it starred Naruto all grown up, after his teenage years, and even a new design style for the art side of the show that is more modern and amazing looking.
The Boruto series started to air in 2017 only in Japan, but Naruto fans all over the world wanted to see the sequel of the Naruto series, in which their favorite character is all grown up, managed to become one of the most respected and the most powerful elite ninja, just like his teachers. In the Boruto series, you will find Boruto Uzumaki the son of Naruto Uzumaki, one of the Seventh Hokage. Boruto has a lot of anger facing his dad, because he placed the village over his family most of the time while he was growing up. Konohamaru Sarutobi, one of Naruto's protege and Sarada - Sasuke and Sakura's daughter - took Boruto into their team, and started to train to become a powerful ninja just like his dad.
Boruto wants to train hard, and impress his dad by taking his first Chunin exam, and it's about to start when Sasuke returns to the Leaf village to warn Naruto of a new attack that is about to happen over his turf. The attack happens during Boruto's exam, and it's the perfect opportunity to show his dad that he is worthy of the Uzumaki name and ninja legacy, but his dad got abducted, and now Sasuke and Boruto took it upon themselves to start looking for Naruto and try to rescue him before the villain clan finishes their plan of using his Nine-Tail fox powers to revive a divine tree that will give their clan humungous powers over the ninjas.
Boruto and Naruto team up at the end of this fight, and with the help of Sasuke they manage to defeat the entire villain clan and Momoshiki sacrifices Kinshiki, even though they managed to see young Boruto's potential of becoming a great ninja if he keeps a straight path and trains as hard as his father did.

How many Naruto series are there?

Naruto stars in the original Naruto and the Boruto series.

Is Naruto stronger than Goku?

This question has never been answered, but Naruto has different powers that Goku does not have, altho Naruto is not able to destroy a planet like Goku did.

Which are the Naruto vs Sasuke episodes?

NarutoThe entire second part of the series is about the fight against Naruto and Sasuke.

What powers does Naruto posses?

Naruto has the powers of the Nine-Tails fox inside him, which makes him faster and more powerful than the average ninjas.

What powers does Sasuke posses?

Sasuke has the Sharingan heritage powers that his entire clan used to have.

Are Naruto and Sasuke enemies?

Yes, Naruto and Sasuke for better than 4 seasons of the series were enemies.

Which villain does Sasuke join to defeat his brother?

Sasuke joined Orochimaru's army in order to take revenge over his brother Itachi.