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You need a working Windows 7 professional product key to install Windows 7 professional on your computer. This post includes a free list of genuine serial keys and activation methods.

A Windows 7 Professional product key is required to verify a copy of the Windows 7 professional. The product key is a 25-character digit code.

You must provide a valid code to activate Windows 7 professional to its premium version. There are two ways to acquire a Windows 7 key:. Purchase an original copy of Windows 7 professional (either on the internet or from a local dealer) and you will get a genuine key with it.

Get a serial key from the free list of Windows 7 Pro product keys on this page. If you choose the first option, you will have to pay a fee. But the second option is 100% free. You can find your professional product key Windows in different locations depending on how you acquired the Operating System.

If you’ve bought a premium copy of Windows 7 Professional on a CD/DVD, you should find the Win 7 product key inside the product box. Given you got a computer with Windows pre-installed, ask the retailer to provide the professional Windows 7 product key. If you’ve purchased a copy of from the Microsoft store online, check the order confirmation email.

It is always important to keep your Windows product key 7 safe; however, if you have lost it, we’ve got a free list of professional Windows 7 keys you can use. Every Windows 7 serial key on this page is valid and should activate the software. However, if you don’t find a working product key, then someone must have already used it.

But you don’t have to worry because we update this list every day. You can bookmark and visit this post later for updated Windows product keys 7. Here is an updated list of working Windows 7 professional product keys you can use to ensure you have active Windows.

Windows 7 is not only the most popular but the best Windows Operating Systems. Hopefully, one of the Windows 7 product keys on this Windows key ultimate post has enabled you to activate your copy so that you can access all the features it has to offer. As mentioned above, if you don’t find a working key, you can visit this page later for updated keys.

However, if you don’t have a Windows 7 Professional product key, you can still activate the Windows 7 professional without a product key. Continue reading to learn the activation method.

As you’ve seen, getting a working Windows 7 key is quite easy. This post has more than enough product keys for Windows 7, and we update them regularly. However, using an activation key is just one way of activating Windows 7 Professional.

You can also activate the Windows 7 professional without a Windows 7 professional product key. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to pull this off. Follow these steps. The first step you need to take is to find and delete SLUI. Here are the steps to guide you through the process:. Go to the folder that contains your Windows (C:/Windows).

Find the System 32 folder in the Windows folder and open it. Use the search tool provided on the file browser to find “SLUI”.

Select the SLUI file and delete it. By removing the SLUI file, you will have deleted your previous activation record. If you are unable to delete this file, you may have to make yourself its ‘owner’ to delete it. Continue reading to find how.

Here are the simple steps that will guide you through the process:. Go to your file manager and right-click on the SLUI file.

Select Properties.

On the new Window, choose the Security tab and click the Advanced button to access more options.

Now click Owner tab on the new window. Then select the option that enables you to select the current user as the owner of the file.

Click the Apply button and close all open windows. Go to the file manager and open C:/Windows > System32 folder. Right-click on the SLUI file and choose Properties. Follow steps 2 and 3 highlighted above and open the Security tab. Choose Users and select the Edit option. You can now edit user permissions.

Give the current user ‘full control.’. Close these windows. Go to the SLUI file and delete.

Now you can go ahead and activate Windows 7 without a Windows 7 product key. Proceed to the next step to learn how. You are now free to activate your Windows 7. Note that you don’t need a Windows 7 professional product key to activate the Windows 7 professional here.

This activation method involves typing some commands on the CMD.

Here are the steps you need to follow:. Click the Start button. Type Run in the search box to open Run. Put CMD into the dialogue box and hit enter.

You will see a new window where you can type your commands. Type’ slmgr –rearm’ in CMD and press Enter. Wait a few seconds and then reboot your computer. Now follow steps 1-5 and type ‘slmgr –ato’ in CMD.

Hit Enter and read the message of your desktop. The message should read, ‘You have successfully activated Windows.’. You can easily download an ISO image of Windows 7 for free from the Microsoft official website.

However, you will be required to provide the serial key of the Windows 7 you purchased or one that came with your computer. Yes, but only if it is a retail license. It is possible to move it to another computer provided you only install it on one computer at a time.

You must delete the previous installation of Windows 7 on the old computer. Activating on another computer will automatically deactivate the key product Windows 7 on the old computer. The license will work on both 32 and 64 bit systems, but you can only install one at a time.

However, if it is an OEM license, you cannot move it to a new computer.

These licenses are non-transferable. If you want to install Windows a new computer, you will have to purchase another copy of the Windows 7 professional.

If it’s a retail license, you can simply reactive by telephone:. Click Start button and enter slui.exe4 in the search box. Select your Country/Region. Choose the option Phone Activation, call the number displayed on your screen, and wait to speak to a real person.

Failure to activate your copy of Windows 7 leaves you with a somehow usable but annoying Windows 7 professional.

After the 30-day free trial period, Windows 7 will constantly prompt you to enter a valid product key to activate. You will also get a notification that the Windows you are using is not genuine each time you open the Control panel. Microsoft only allows you to download a Windows 7 ISO image from the Microsoft website if you have a genuine retail Windows 7 professional product key.

Petr is a serial tech entrepreneur and the CEO of Apro Software, a machine learning company. Whenever he’s not blogging about technology for or, Petr enjoys playing sports and going to the movies. He’s also deeply interested about mediation, Buddhism and biohacking. In this article, we will be sharing as much Windows 7 ultimate product key as we can. Basically, these serial keys are good enough to activate your Windows 7 Ultimate computer, however, we must give you a fair warning that not all of the product keys would work perfectly.Nevertheless, we are going to share some other ways to activate Windows 7 as well, so you can implement any method that works with you.Before, we proceed you must acknowledge that using these keys comes with certain limitations.

For example, you must never update your Windows 7 or else it will ask you to re-enter activation keys and for all the updates, these keys won't work properly. That's why we are going to share how to activate Windows without keys as well in this article.

Always remember that buying Windows 7 key from official Microsoft website is the legal way to use Windows 7 and only the following serial keys are for those who cannot afford Windows 7 at all.All the keys shared in this article are legit and genuine and they are properly working with all Windows 7 32 and 64-bit versions.

All the keys shared in this article are legit and genuine and they are properly working with all Windows 7 32 and 64-bit versions.Also remember that these keys doesn't come with official Microsoft support, you cannot redeem the support service using these keys.

As you can see, all the Windows 7 home product keys are free in this following list and can be used to activate your Windows 7 home version, we have been updating each week.

So , if you find a key that won't works for your Windows 7, don't worry, just come back on Monday and get new one. These keys must be used on first come first serve basis. If the above keys are not working then it certainly means that someone has already redeemed it in their own computer. As many as you want. But, we will advise you to only consume one serial key so that maximum users can take benefit from it. Remember, only 1 computer can be activated with 1 key.You can certainly install Windows 7 on any number of computers but you won't be able to activate it with the same serial key number.So, if you are really that desperate then use other unused serial keys that we have mentioned above.

But as soon you activate a key on your Windows 7 computer, it will become useless for others. If you even manage to install the trial version of Windows 7, you can still activate the Windows without using any serial number at all. Yes, it is possible, however, you would be required to follow a certain amount of instruction that we are about to share in this article.Activating Windows 7 without a serial key requires deleting the SLUI file that is responsible for checking the Windows activation status. First, open the Windows folder in which you have installed the Windows 7 operating system. This is usually the primary disk of your PC which is also known as the C drive.

Now, double click on "System 32" folder. Search for the "SLUI" file. You can either use the search function or manually find it. Right click on the file and select Properties. A new window will open where you will have to check the Security tab. Choose the "Advanced" button. Now click on Owner tab and choose the user as owner which will be the current user of the PC.

Click on Apply. Now, right click on the file again and select "Delete".