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DTP or desk top publishing software is software used to create a variety of print media. Year books, posters,newsletters, periodicals, journals, cards, reports, flyers, brochures, envelopes, stamps and more.


These software are easy to use and to navigate. They support heavy files and do not require the user to have any prior IT knowledge.


Make your message more visible with top-of-the-line desktop publishing software for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Presentation is key in today’s competitive marketplace. The tools in Creative Cloud have comprehensive controls, high-quality templates, and themes designed for any digital or print publishing project you can dream up. The DoD Drug Testing Program (DTP) version 5.4K replaces all previous versions of the full DTP software and is capable of handling DODID and SSN. DTP version 5.4L is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10. Alternate download site 1. Alternate download site 2. Popular DTP Software – Presspad. This is used to create 3% of newsstand apps available. This helps in push notifications as well as in background downloads and so is a very convenient option for the readers. These are easy to start and to use.

Desktop Publishing Software for iPad v.3.6 Desktop Publishing Software for iPad is a powerful Windows application, its awesome features will bring your book into life. The software allows you to turn varied digital documents into iPad-compatible page flipping book.

Adobe PageMaker 7

This software is great for home office professionals, business as well as educational institutions. Using this high quality publication work is possible. This is including newsletters, brochures, adverts, flyers, invitations, menus, reports, posters, yearbooks and greeting cards. It has templates, intuitive tools for designing and one can work across the different Adobe applications.

iStudio Publisher

One can use this for making stunning documents. This is exclusively for Mac users and can be used for anything that needs to be designed and printed. This also includes posters, brochures, year books, cards, reports, invitations and menus. The user can start from scratch or use templates. Documents of any size can be designed with it too.


This software is creative as well as has a number of features which are necessary as well as useful in desk top publishing as well as for page layout programs. This software has the advantage that it can be used on Windows, OS X, Macintosh, Amiga as well as Linux operating systems. Text, drawings and images can be mixed together. The size can be as small as of a postage stamp or as large as a billboard or volumes of encyclopedias.

Microsoft Publisher

This allows for easy swapping of pictures, adding effects to text, pictures as well as shapes, searching online albums for pictures that can be added directly to the document rather than saving these pictures first. The photos can be used as high resolution page backgrounds, so the publication looks more professional.


This is a software that is reliable as well as free. It has more than 200 color palettes and you can get predictable results from the printing when Scribus is used. It can be used for artwork, books, magazines, newsletters, adverts, greeting cards, menus, invitations and so much more.


One can use this software for creating flyers that have not only text but images, photos as well as drawings. It is easy to use and intuitive. This is compatible with Android of 4.0 and later versions. This only takes 4.59 MB of data usage and is a free software to use.


Popular DTP Software – Presspad

Free Desktop Publishing App

This is used to create 3% of newsstand apps available. This helps in push notifications as well as in background downloads and so is a very convenient option for the readers. These are easy to start and to use. PressPad creates a hustle free environment for the owners of magazines. The owners do not need to develop applications or incur exorbitant costs as this costs a fraction of the cost and is ready to use.

What is Desktop Publishing Software?

This software helps the newspaper or magazine publishers to get closer to their readers. It reduces the time taken to produce these magazines and newspapers as well as reduce the cost of them as well. The DTP Apps which are available help in saving the development of application costs as well as well as the time taken by the developers.You may also see ebook Reader

Using these softwares, push notifications are possible as well as one can see the live stats of the issues being downloaded as well as being bought. Sales reports too can be downloaded and viewed.You may also see Book keeping Software

These software which are available in app form can be used on iPhones, iPads, Android phones as well as tablets. Cloud links are possible and when the Video or YouTube link is clicked, the video is played.

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