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Data Transfer Solutions (DTS) announces the latest version of VUEWorks. VUEWorks software is a web-based, geospatially-enabled, enterprise-level asset and work management system that provides customers with the ability to manage, analyze, integrate and share valuable asset and work management information.

  • Structure your asset hierarchy to include work orders, condition, valuation and more. Manage facilities with trigger work orders based on equipment run-time or other data (e.g., SCADA systems)

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    VUEWorks provides the ability to manage infrastructure capital assets to minimize the total cost of owning and operating them, while delivering the service levels you desire.

  • Identify and track duplicate requests to avoid creating multiple work orders for the same incident

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    The new version of VUEWorks has been built to support the same core requirements that customers have come to expect and is being delivered with a new look and exciting new functionality.

  • Use risk data to forecast budgets for asset maintenance and replacement

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    You’ll love the new face of VUEWorks! In addition, behind the scenes, the code base has been modernized to deliver what you’d expect from a progressive web application.

Broadened platform support with an expanded list of supported browsers (IE 10 & 11, Chrome, and Mozilla’s Firefox).