Easy Homemade Wood Picture Frames

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I LOVE this super easy way to make a DIY Wood Picture Frame, with 2 pieces of trim molding and a Miter Saw. Easy Steps and Video Guide. I’ve designed a few picture frames over the years. Making your own picture frame is so much cheaper and easier than having one custom made.

You can pretty easily build a picture or canvas frame any size you need with just a Miter Saw and a Brad Nailer. The last fame I built using those 2 tools was a simple DIY wood frame for canvases, using 1x2 dimensional lumber.

I love that frame when you just want beautiful clean lines on a frame. BUT, today’s DIY wood trim picture frame is all about getting the beautiful detail that you see in store-bought frames and on pretty artwork. AND, I was able to get that detail I wanted with just 2 pieces of trim molding.

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I am a huge fan of molding and trim work. I install it all over my house. And, I use it on DIY furniture projects, on walls, and even ceilings, like this simple DIY coffered ceiling design in our Dining Room.

In fact, the chair rail molding I used to make this wood picture frame is the exact same molding I used a couple months ago on the DIY Coffee Table build plans for our new game room.

And, I used it a couple years ago to install picture rail wainscoting in our Master Bathroom. It’s a beautiful molding that can be used in so many ways around your house. OK, let’s get to How to Make a Wood Picture Frame! I’m so excited about this DIY picture frame, guys. I’m going to be using it on everything around here now.

If any of the written steps are confusing, watch this video to see how I did it. 2 1/8″ Unfinished Pine Chair Rail (Lowe’s sells the one I used).

3/4″ Square Pine Wood Lattice Molding (At Lowe’s). Power Sander & Sandpaper. Nail Gun with 1 1/4″ Brad Nails.

Optional: Corner Brackets. Size Your Frame. Measure and Cut Your Chair Rail.