Eaton Hour Meter

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This Eaton E42DIR48230 electronic hour meter displays and records 0.1 second to 100,000 hour elapsed operating times. The meter features an eight-digit LCD display and a solid-state memory that retains data for 25 or more years. The meter accepts 48-150VDC and 230VAC electrical inputs. This electronic hour meter timer is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Recognized for quality assurance and is suitable for use in commercial and industrial applications for monitoring equipment operating times.
  • Time switches (also known as timers) are used to automatically turn electrical devices on or off at preset time intervals during a daily or weekly period.
  • Timers can either be mechanical or electronic.
  • Mechanical timers feature a dial with multiple pins to set the on/off time intervals.
  • Electronic timers feature an LCD display and pushbuttons to set the time intervals.