Egypt Pyramid 3d Model

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Download: for saleWebsite: MyMiniFactory. Tags Egyptian Pyramid Walls . Download: freeWebsite: Sketchfab.

Egyptian Pyramid With the interior . Download: freeWebsite: MyMiniFactory. Tags Pyramids of Giza - Egypt . Download: for saleWebsite: cgtrader. Tags Sphinx 3D print 3D model 3D printable. Download: for saleWebsite: Cults. Tags Egypt box sculpture • 3D printing model ・.

Download: freeWebsite: Thingiverse. Tags OpenLOCK / Openforge Pyramid Building Tiles - Set.. Download: for saleWebsite: Cults. Tags Egyptian pyramid • 3D printer template ・. Download: freeWebsite: tinkercad. hollow egyptian pyramid. Download: freeWebsite: cgtrader. Tags pyramids model for plastics free 3D model 3D prin..

Project Details

HardwarePhase One 100-million pixel ultra-high resolution camera
SoftwarePix4Dmapper photogrammetry software
Outputs3D model
fly-through video

Using the right tools for the project

Download: freeWebsite: Thingiverse. Tags Meditation Pyramid . Download: for saleWebsite: Cults. Tags Egyptian Pyramid Walls • 3D printing design ・. Download: freeWebsite: Thingiverse.

Tags Dead Egyptian Pyramid . Download: freeWebsite: tinkercad. Egyptian Pyramid.

Fly-through generated with Pix4Dmapper: Inside the Great Pyramid

Download: for saleWebsite: cgtrader.

Tags kukulkan pyramid 3D model 3D printable.

Special thanks to the members of Hitachi Systems and to ImageONE, our premier reseller in Japan, for their help in preparing this article.

Read the full article on Hitachi Systems’ website and watch a 4-minute video introducing the project.

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