Elapsed Time Clock Surgery

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Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities . For time critical applications, DuraTime Wireless Synchronized Clocks provide the correct time. In nearly every healthcare organization, accurate, synchronized time is critical. The legal consequences of inaccurate time can be devastating to any healthcare organization. The time recorded on documents should reference NIST traceable time. Digital clocks in operating room should be able to perform double duty as elapse timers. The DuraTime Synchronized Clock System first obtains accurate time from the world time standard (atomic clock).

The time may be obtained using the integrated network time receiver (NTP), or from an optional GPS time receiver.

Both methods may be used simultaneously, providing a redundant time acquisition system. The correct time is then sent over a secure, encrypted, multi-path wireless network to all clocks throughout the facility or campus. Both digital and analog clocks are available in a wide variety of styles and models.

Battery powered analog clocks are available that operate up to five years between battery changes, and do not require any wiring. The DuraTime system allows multiple, simultaneous master clocks for the highest reliability.

The BRG Synchronized Clock System can help make your healthcare facility less susceptible to liability and employee time conflicts by providing accurate synchronized time on every clock in your facility. Checking the time is firmly established in our behavior. Whether checking your watch, reading a clock on the wall, or looking at the time on your computer or phone, you’ve likely checked the time within the last few minutes.