Electric Backup Generator

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Types of generators for home use

Is backup power right for you? Use backup power safely. A portable electric generator or a portable power station can help provide electricity to the appliances, devices and systems that you need most in an emergency. But they can also be loud, costly and potentially pose safety hazards.

If you decide that a portable generator is right for you, it is essential to learn how to safely operate the device prior to an emergency. Generators also require proper storage, access to fuel and regular safety checks. Energy source: Portable generators can run on natural gas, propane, gasoline and diesel fuel.

Portable generators

In each case, there are emissions created when the generator is in use. Portable power stations can be charged with solar power (with the purchase of a concurrent system of solar panels) or from an electrical outlet (prior to a power outage).

How do I know if I qualify for a generator rebate?

Energy needs assessment:. Would the generator be used to power an entire home, or just a few devices? What are the essential items that would require power? How much energy do each of these require? Type of installation:. Does your backup power source need to be portable? Permanent standby generators can provide immediate power but require professional installation and are often subject to building code requirements.