Electricity Usage Meter 240v

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With energy prices fluctuating and the cost of living seemingly always on the increase, it makes sense to try and reduce household costs wherever you can. Something as simple and effective as an electric usage monitor can help you manage your energy consumption so that you can slash those electricity bills. It’s a small device that’s relatively inexpensive to purchase but which can also immediately help you to reduce costs and save money.

With so many different energy monitors on the market to choose from these days, deciding which one to go for can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled our review of the best electric usage monitors to save you money in an instant. You might be surprised to learn just which devices are costing you the most in your home, even when they’re not even in use. Below you’ll find our detailed reviews, together with a comprehensive buying guide of the best electricity meters.

The Best Electricity Usage Monitor

If you need to get better control on your household bills, specifically your electricity expenditure then you need a device like the Baldr Home Electricity Usage Monitor. It helps you to keep track of how much energy your appliances are using so that you can make smarter decisions. You can conveniently monitor costs only by plugging the small and discreet device into a wall socket before plugging in the appliance you specifically want to analyze.

With six different display modes at your fingertips, you can change what information you’d like to capture and view on the easy to read large LSC display. Your Baldr electricity monitoring device is also protected against overload, and the LCD will blink to warn you if the current load power is about to max out. You can set and review a range of useful measurements including Power, Energy, Volts, Amps, Hertz, Power Factor, Day, and Overload Power. It’s the ideal device for monitoring all your home appliances and working out which ones are the energy vampires in your house!

Easy to read LCD display panel

Monitor energy consumption of individual appliances in your home

Built-in overload protection

Six different display modes possible

Measures a wide range of interesting parameters

  • BrandBALDR
  • ModelFBA_PM3091WH3
  • Weight9.1 ounces

Simple to use

Easy to set up

Large LCD display

Easy electricity price setting

Overload protection

Display could be wider

No backlight

Our next recommendation is a portable electricity monitoring solution from Efergy and is their E2 wireless solution. It’s an excellent way to understand the electricity consumption happening within your home and can be set to work with up to 4 different tariff settings. It displays energy usage as well as cost in real-time and can conveniently be moved around your home so that you can immediately see the impact that switching various devices on and off has on your overall costs. Not only can you review what’s happening on an hourly or daily basis, but the memory function, you can also review monthly and annual usage data.

The Efergy E2 Wireless Device is compact and modern in design and easy to install, requiring just a couple of steps. Besides monitoring your energy consumption, you can also review your carbon emission, room temperature, as well as humidity. It also comes with a handy browser app so that you can review all the information graphically and even download anything that’s relevant to a spreadsheet for further analysis. There’s an app available for both iOS and Android users. You may also like some of the best smart thermostats from our list, so take a look at our reviews and pick your favorite.

Quickly and conveniently track and monitor energy consumption and cost

Review and understand your carbon footprint

Compact and portable modern-looking device

Ability to store up to 4 tariff settings

Can display hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual information

  • BrandEfergy
  • Modele2C 002
  • Weight1.7 pounds


Compact and portable

Modern design

Lots of functionality

Easy to setup

Excellent memory

Compatible with PC as well as iOS and Android devices

Inaccurate and inconsistent results reported

Some problems experienced with software

P3 International Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor

We’re taking a look next at the Kill A Watt EZ device from P3 International which can help you to calculate, forecast, and manage your energy consumption. With an easy to read display screen, you can view your energy consumption on the LCD panel. This unit enables you to work out your projected costs by day, week, month, and year and is accurate to 0.2%.

To use, you simply plug each of your appliances individually into the device to assess how much energy each is consuming. You can then make conscious decisions about which appliances you use more regularly based on which are costing you the most to run. The device also allows you to enter your providers’ utility costs so that you can see their monetary value too. For more amazingly useful devices for your home, check out our guide to the best water detectors.

Easy to read LCD panel

Monitor energy consumption of individual appliances in your home

Built-in battery backup function

Enables you to calculate and forecast costs daily, weekly, monthly and annually

Displays eight critical units of measure

  • BrandP3
  • ModelP4460
  • Weight5 ounces

Simple to use

Easy to set up

Clear display

Accurate measurement

Battery backup

Limited features

Display difficult to read in dim light

The Poniie PN200 is a convenient little money-saving smart home device that can help you get a better handle on which appliances in your home cost you the most money. Simply connect the neat and compact electricity usage monitor into a standard plug outlet and plug in your appliance to automatically get a reading on the LCD of a power outage. There’s a backlight setting so that you can read the results in dimmer light conditions plus a wide easy read viewing angle.

You can monitor voltage, amp, frequency as well as power outage. The device features a dedicated metering chip for precise and accurate results so is an excellent tool both in a domestic situation to track appliance consumption but also for electricians to use professionally. If your energy bills are starting to spiral out of control and you need to discover what vampire appliances are running in your home, then this electricity monitor makes a lot of sense. It features a safety overload indicator and features a full fire-retardant ABS housing.

Built-in high precision current sensor

Large LCD display with wide-angle reading view and backlight

Easy to use and monitors Watts, Current, Voltage as well as Power Factor

Professional quality electricity usage monitor

Monitor the use of appliances in real-time

  • BrandPoniie
  • ModelPN2000
  • Weight8 ounces

Easy setup and connection

Large display

Real-time results

Professional quality

Multiple readings

Only monitors one device at a time

Inconsistent reading results

From popular brand, TP-Link, our next best electric usage monitoring system can turn on and off your electronics from literally anywhere. All you need is your tablet or a smartphone and access to the free Kasa app. You can conveniently switch gadgets on and off at scheduled times to give the illusion that someone is at home. You can also check in on all your devices remotely, create schedules, and set daily timers.

By using the energy monitoring system, you can save money and conserve energy by analyzing the historical power consumption of your home’s devices and adjusting usage accordingly. It all works with Alexa too so you can activate voice control. There’s no hub required, and it’s totally customizable. Simply by downloading that Kasa app, you can simultaneously track and manage multiple devices by adding as many Smart plugs as required. TP-Link HS110 Smart Plug Energy Monitoring is an excellent and cost-effective way to manage your everyday energy consumption.

Kasa app monitors real-time power consumption

Smart plug works directly with Amazon Echo

Can be set to away mode to schedule your lighting when you’re not at home

Create controls to operate multiple smart plugs with one command

Energy monitoring mode enables you to save money on your electricity bill

  • BrandTP-LINK
  • Weight5.3 ounces

Simple set up

Lots of features

Control by voice or by the app

No hub required

Scheduling program

Energy usage history

Some reported connection issues

Inconsistent results

This small and compact Eyedro Home Electricity Monitor device is easy to install and comes with a free web app so that you can view interesting reports about your daily, weekly, and monthly energy consumption. It also helps you budget ahead by providing forecasts of expected costs based on those statistics. It takes minimal time to install, and it can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, or wired version can be purchased instead.

Featuring customizable settings, you can view your consumption in both kHw as well as dollars, and either view on the high resolution colored digital display or via the complimentary cloud-based app service. All the information can be viewed in real-time, and it can also be integrated with Amazon Echo, plus there are no batteries to be changed. This is a highly user-friendly and convenient electric monitoring device. Our guide on top door draft stoppers features some amazing products that will help you save on energy bills. Check them out.

Track real-time usage charges and make proactive decisions

Access consumption usage on the go

Access via Amazon Echo, Phone to Tablet

Customize your settings and input your current electricity rates

View data consummation in watts, amps and also dollars

  • BrandEyedro
  • Weight1.85 pounds

No batteries to change


Easy setup

Free monitoring

Real-time results

Optional wireless function

Only uploads data via their website

Some server issues reported affecting service

Poniie PN1500 Portable Micro Electricity Usage Monitor

The Poniie PN1500 is one of the most trusted electricity usage monitors on the market. It’s one of the cheaper products in Poniie’s range but you get a lot of the same features as the more high-end monitors. For example, the refined accuracy ensures best-in-class accuracy (0.01W, 0.1V & 0.01A resolution), so it doesn’t matter how much you spend, you won’t get a more accurate monitor. On the front of the monitor, there are five independent keys allowing you to access different power parameters quickly. It also has a built-in memory for cumulative kilowatt-hours and elapsed time.

This might not be the most advanced electricity usage monitor on this list but it does the basic things really well. It’s also protected by a one-year warranty, which means you can buy with confidence.

Best-in-class accuracy

Five quick access keys


Built-in memory

One-year warranty

  • BrandPoniie
  • ModelPN1500
  • Weight4.8 ounces

Easy to use

Competitively priced

Protected by warranty

In-built memory

Poor soldering inside

Some durability issues

If you want to save a bit of money and still get a P3 Kill-A-Watt, you can get this model – the P3 P4400. We already featured the P3 P4460 earlier on this and this is the slightly cheaper version. Honestly, there isn’t much to separate the two models. This model still provides you an easy way to keep track of your energy usage. The only difference is that this model doesn’t have an in-built memory, so when you unplug it from the wall outlet it loses all of its data. The P3 P4400 has an easy-to-read LCD display, five quick-access buttons, and can be used to monitor electricity usage by day, week, month, or year.

Easy-to-read LCD screen

Five quick-access keys

0.2 – 2.0 percent accuracy

Monitor by day, week, month, or year

  • BrandP3
  • ModelP4400
  • Weight6.4 ounces

Easy to use

Pretty accurate

Easy to read display

No in-built memory

If you want more detailed information about your electricity usage, the Sense Energy Monitor is the product you need. Get an electrician to install the Sense monitor into your electrical panel and it will send all of the information you need to your smartphone. Find out information like how much the washing machine costs per wash, when the TV was turned on and off, and how many times you use the microwave in a week. Information like this gives you a much more informed approach to saving on your electricity bill. At nearly $300, it might seem like a lot of money for an electricity usage monitor but if you use a lot of high-energy appliances, you could end up saving $300+ a year on your energy bills.

Sense monitor

IOS, Android, and web app

Needs professional installation

Dedicated circuit monitoring

  • BrandSense
  • Model12000
  • Weight1.81 pounds

Provides incredibly detailed information

Easy to understand

Works from anywhere

Needs professional installation