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Adobe Photoshop is used widely to create, or edit or change graphics, photos and various design elements. Now you may want to upgrade your existing Photoshop to latest version but you don't know if program is registered with Adobe. This way, a serial number is required to check the registration status. But there is no need to check the documents which came with the product or contact Adobe for this.

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  4. Encore Cs6 Serial Number

If you forgot Adobe CS5/C6 serial number, don't worry, this article gives you three ways to help you find Adobe CS key.The key is printed on the product package for those who bought the physical product. If license key is not given, contact Adobe.

Serial key is also required for installation for Adobe products. According to the version, you may get free trial for 30 to 90 days. This serial key certifies that you can fully operate and install the software. The serial key, serial number, or license key, is provided to the user by the software manufacturer. The serial key is stored online for products downloaded online. The key is printed on the product package for those who bought the physical product. If license key is not given, contact Adobe.

Serial Key For Adobe Encore Cs6 - everresource. The various aspects of this collection would be the Adobe CS6 Master Collection Serial Number Illustrator CS6 Extended, Illustrator CS6, InDesign CS6, Acrobat X Pro, Flash Professional CS6, Flash Builder, Dreamweaver CS6, Fireworks CS6, Premiere Pro CS6, Consequences CS6, Audition CS6, SpeedGrade.

So, what you can do in such case?

Solution 1: Find Adobe CS5/CS6 Serial Number in Windows Registry

Windows Registry stores all the vital configurations. But you should be very careful even when you are viewing some details in Registry, let along making any change. Just follow these steps to do it flawlessly.

1) In the lower left corner of desktop, click 'Start' button. Type 'regedit' in search box and it will show the regedit.exe program.

Note: If you have Windows 8 with no start button, just push 'Win+R' key combination to open Run dialog box. Type 'regedit' and open Registry Editor.

2) Go to 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE AdobePhotoshop 60.0 or 50.0' in Registry Editor. Here, you can look for CS6 or CS5 serial key in the right corner. Keep in mind that the serial number displayed is encrypted and it cannot be used to install the software until the key is decrypt with any tool. So, be careful in decryption process.

Adobe Premiere Pro Serial Number

Solution 2: See Packaging to Find Adobe CS Key

1) If you have bought a physical Adobe CSS5 or CSS6 product, you will find the license key on the back of CD/DVD case of the software disc. Check the sticker on the back of CD case for 'Serial Key'.

2) If you have registered your product online, it would be much better as you can find the serial number online in your Adobe account. The serial number will be displayed on your account.

3) Simply log in to your Adobe account through email and password. Choose 'View Adobe Branded Product Registrations' from 'Product Registrations' option.

4) When asked, provide your email and password again. It will display the serial key on Registrations page.

Solution 3: Find Adobe CS Key Using Product Key Finder

If the above ways are too troublesome to use, it is better to use Product Key Finder product which is easy and convenient way to get serial number. Since software product keys are saved in Windows Registry, Product Key Finder gathers the serial key from the same registry. The best thing is that it scans and detects the real serial key for Adobe CSS5/CSS6 installation within just one click.

You can download it below to deeply search the Windows 8/8.1 product key.

Step 1. Install and Launch Product Key Finder on your system. The full version of Product Key finder can easily find the complete registration key for Adobe CS5 or CS6 products. However, free version just shows the part of serial number. Make sure your system has Photoshop installed or it cannot find the serial number.

Adobe cs6 serial number list

Serial Number Adobe Premiere Cs6

Step 2. Click on 'Start Recovery' option to collect serial number of Adobe CS product. After running Product Key Finder, all you need to click 'Start Recovery' on screen. Then it will find all the product keys of Windows, Photoshop, Office, and other software installed on your system.

Step 3. This way, you can instantly get the serial number of Photoshop CS5 or CS6 from registry file. Click 'Save to File' or Save button to store your product keys.

All in all, Product Key Finder is the best and safe way to find product keys in the tool especially when there is no other option.


When compared to manual operation of Windows Registry access to look for serial key of encrypted software and decrypting it, Product Key Finder is a lot convenient and easier. It is an advanced tool to look for all the product keys for software installed on your PC.

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Adobe Premiere - Encore CS6 100%

    Links de contenido requeridos
    - Adobe CS6 Master Collection Aio Patcher v1.2 Final
    - Full Presets Adobe Premiere Cs6
    - Amtlib.dll
    Pasos a realizar.
    1.Desconectarse de la red
    2.Ejecutar el instalador de Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
    3.Resgistrar con serial, NO EN VERSION DE PRUEBA
    SERIAL: 1325-1454-9586-2264-4382-2254
    4.Le dara un problema de coneccion, click en conectarse mas adelante
    5.Seleccionar los programas y los instalas (no los abras y no actualicen nada)
    6. Copiar el crack 'amtlib' y pegarlo en 'C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Encore CS6' ,Reemplazar si es necesario (este crack sirve para activar cualquier programa de adobe cs6, solamente que para adobe encore se necesita seguir la lectura)
    7.Copiar el Patch.exe en C:Program FilesAdobe y ejecutarlo como administrador.
    8.Elegir Adobe Encore Cs6 v6.0.0.492 Esta versión viene en el link de 'Adobe Master Collection CS6' (64bits) 'construccion del sistema' y dar click en la imagen (Team /ota)
    9. Ejecutar disable_activation como Administrador
    10.Para Adobe Premiere, click en el Patch.exe y seleccionas Adobe Premiere Cs6 v6.0.1
    11.Para Activar los Presets en Adobe Premiere Cs6 - Descomprimir el archivo 'Presets - Gfx-LA.rar'
    12.Copiar la carpeta 'Settings' y pegar en 'C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Premiere Pro CS6' (copiar y reemplazar)
    12.Listo, Abrir Adobe Premiere y Encore Cs6

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