Encyclopedia Britannica 14th Edition 1929 Worth

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I have complete set of 1768 encyclopedias that have a copyright date of 1946. It is in great condition. Are they worth anything?

A complete set of the 14 th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica from 1929 sells for an average of $100-$150 on today’s market. The insurance value for the set is $300. Please only leave feedback when you feel satisfied your question has been answered. Feel free if you have further questions about your vintage encyclopedia set. Sincerely, Nora. 14th (1929) edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica – Preface. Volume 1 of the 14 th (1929) edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica contains a Preface. Here the history of the Encyclopedia is described as well as what changed from edition to edition. In the chapter “Twenty Years Ago” of the Preface, when comparing the 14 th edition to the.

Encyclopedia Britannica 14th Edition 1929 Worth E System 3090 Drivers Jaanmoni 2010 Movie Songs Nicelabel Express 5 Keygen Photoshop. Encyclopedia Britannica 14th. This is the 1929, 14th Edition. The Encyclopedia Britannica (24 Volume Set) on Amazon.com. Publisher: Encyclopaedia Britannica Co Ltd; 14th edition (1929). Fourteenth edition, 1929. Despite the policy of continuous revision, the 14th edition of the Britannica gradually became outdated. Set 1929 Encyclopedia Britannica 14th Edition 0 results.

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Once they are 100 years old, they may be. Right now they are worth very little

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Thank you! They were my grandfathers and selling/getting rid of them.

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Thank you!

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There are a couple of sold versions on eBay at the moment...if either one is an exact match to yours, then that will tell you current market value...this one sold for 119.99 plus shipping:

This one sold for $300 (but the seller paid the shipping--which probably took at least 75 of the value:

Ebay is a great place to value your items--using ONLY the SOLD auctions. Sold tells you what people actually pay for an item.

You do need to be sure to do an exact match to the sold item and yours--including condition--to value yours!

I will tell you they are a big challenge to sell online, they frequently sit for a long time AND they are so heavy that sometimes people don't want to pay the shipping and if you offer free shipping, you have to remember that comes off your profit, as does all the various fees.

I hope one of these is your set and that you can determine your today's market value!

Encyclopedia Britannica 14th Edition 1929 Worth Money

Let me know!

Encyclopedia Britannica 14th Edition 1929 Worth Free

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It is very difficult to compare sets of encyclopedias as the condition will very rarely be even close to the same, there are always several different types of bindings, and the area where the set is located could mean the difference in a large portion of value.

  • The 1946 set is a 14th Edition and the 14th edition years run 1929-1964 and generally the only difference is some updated events for the previous year. Some buyers will look for the best buy in later years of an edition or will buy the year books if they want more up to date events.
  • I like for owners to look at the for sale listings on eBay so they can see what is being offered. They cannot go by the asking price as any kind of value as sellers are asking what they want for their sets and that could be 'just a dream' compared to what they can actually sell for (if they ever sell).
  • Book sellers on these sites list their books and forget them - some stay listed for years and may never sell.
  • Here is an example of what is listed on eBay for some of these years:

  • Here are 2 sets that you may want to place a watch on to see if they sell.
  • It is good to go by sold listings but do not just check out the price of the set - check out the shipping cost or the area set is located as well. Also, check the type of binding as leather will increase the value quite a lot. Condition will also play a big part and a lot of pictures will usually help a sale.
  • You should check out listings on your local sale site such as Craigslist, USA4Sale, IOffer, LetGo, Facebook Market Place and any others in your area as these are good sites (usually free) to list with no shipping involved.
  • On these sites, it is easy to start a listing at a higher price and if no interest is shown then lower the price or remove the listing - very easy.

  • I would say (if listing locally) to start your price at $175 and wait several weeks before making a change.

ThriftyFun receives a lot of questions about these sets so you might want to read some previous answers.

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This 1946 set is of great interest to me. Could you contact me at: [email protected]?

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Encyclopedia Britannica 14th Edition 1929 Worth Value

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