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Translationly typing is a multilingual transliteration website that will help you to transliterate your text from English to your native language.

You can easily use this website to type a word, phrase, or a sentence in English to quickly type in your native language. No need to learn the new keyboard pattern to write in your language.

Just use the same old English keyboard layout to make this happen. For example; If you type "Aap kya kar rahe hai?" in English, it will instantly transliterate "आप क्या कर रहे है?" Our free translationly typing website uses Google Transliteration service, and it's fast, accurate, and secured.

After you type a word in English and press the spacebar, it will automatically transliterate your text in language.

You can also hit the backspace key or click on the selected word to get more options on the dropdown menu. The process of transliteration from English to Tamil is simple, and you can use our free English to Tamil typing tool to transliterate any number of words, phrases, and sentences.

Also, you don't need to learn complex Tamil typing keyboards layout. Simple Transliteration: You can easily transliterate your word from English to Tamil using the simple to use the QWERTY keyboard layout.

  • You don't need to learn the complex Tamil keyboard layout. transliterate Unlimited Words: You can quickly type unlimited words, sentences, and phrases to transliterate it into the Tamil language quickly.

  • So it will make your Tamil typing easy. Powered by Google Transliteration Service: As it is powered by google, it provides the fastest and most accurate transliteration words for Tamil typing.

  • Toolsbar: Press (Ctrl + G) together to toggle (switch) between English and Tamil language.

  • With our Free English to Tamil Translator tool you can type anything with your English keyboard itself there is no need to install any additional application.

  • We tamil people always love to emotions in our mother tongue in order to statisfy this need we developed this tool for our people.

In this computer era most of Tamil people don't want to install Tamil Keyboard for Computer so we have developed this tool with help of Google Transliteration API to Translate Thanglish to Tamil Fonts and Words.

Here we do not charge any single paise for translating English to Tamil.

Our Tamil Online Typing Tool is very simple and easy to use for anyone. For example, just type Tamil Makkaley in our text box shown above then press SpaceBar our online english to tamil typing tool will change it to தமிழ் மக்களே. Also you will get list of suggestions for the word you type you can select the desired word as per your need so there is no need to type the same word again and again for several time.

English to Tamil Translation – online Tamil typing, best website for thanglish to Tamil converter. English to Tamil dictionary online. Welcome to tamiltypingonline.com – our online typing editor is powered by Google.

It provides accurate and fast Tamil typing – making English to Tamil Translation easy anywhere on the web. Welcome to tamiltypingonline.com – our online typing editor is powered by Google. Tamil Typing Online – our website is developed to make Tamil typing very easy with English to Tamil Unicode.

Here, you can just type in English language in the given text editor and press Space Bar. Now, enter text will be converted into Tamil Script.

(Tamil Typing). Using the suggestion option – you can choose more word options. After finishing the tying process, you can copy the text and paste it anywhere on the emails, chat, social media platform, website and documents.

With our Tamil typing editor, you can download as converted text as text documents and as word file, also share directly on all social media platforms.

Best English to Tamil dictionary available online with perfect meaningsand suggestion.

We also take the inputof our visitors to add new words to our dictionary and it facilitates us toprovide correct meaning and spelling to the sentences.

Nowadays, tamizh people areshowing much interest in learning Tamil language and started to use in social mediaplatforms.

As we all know, typing in Tamil is complicated with generickeyboards on your smartphones (or) personal computers.

Further, we need to depend on Tamil typingsoftware to type in Tamil.

In this scenario, our Tamil tying online website isvery useful.

You can just visit ourwebsite, type in English and our online tool converts into Tamil language withmore perfection.

You can just copy and paste the text anywhere required.

With our English to Tamil translation tool, we are happy to promote our pre-historic Tamil language and help next generations in learning Tamil language and use it in day today life.

Nowadays, we tend to use English keyboards.

Now worries, Tamil typing online is here to help – you can type in Tamil from anywhere without downloading.

Nowadays, youngsters are familiar with thanglish (writing our Tamil words through English letters).

Now, it is very simple to convert thanglish to Tamil (tamizh) with our tool.

Tamil is a Dravidian language spokenby Tamil People of India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and by the Tamil diaspora, SriLankan Moors, Douglas, and Chindians.

Tamil is one of the longest-survivingclassical languages in the world; a recorded Tamil literature has beendocumented for over 2000 years.

12 Vowels in Tamil Language – also called as life or soul letters. அ,ஆ, இ, ஈ, உ,ஊ, எ, ஏ, ஐ,ஒ, ஓ, ஔ. க்,ங், ச், ஞ், ட்,ண், த், ந், ப்,ம், ய், ர், ல்,வ், ழ், ள், ற்,ன். The Tamil speech has alsoincorporated many phonemes.

The letter used to write these sounds is known as“grantha”. They are: ஜ், ஶ், ஷ்,ஸ்,ஹ்,க்ஷ். The numerals are written as following: . ௦ (0), ௧(1),௨(2),௩(3),௪(4),௫(5),௬(6),௭(7),௮(8),௯(9),௰(10),௱(100),௲(1000).

To start typing in Tamil, you just start type word as it pronouncedin English (called as Thanglish). Then, it can be transliterated. For example:if you want type “தமிழ் உலகத்தின் தொன்மையான மொழி” then, type as “Tamil Ulagathin Thonmayana Mozhi”.

If the word is not correctly translated as expected – you canmake use of suggestion option below the text editor and choose preferred text.

Translation gives you the meaning of a word in otherlanguage.

For example: the translation of “India is multicultural country” is “இந்தியா பலபண்பாட்டுநாடு”in Tamil. On the other hand, transliteration works based on the phonetics.

  • Transliteration does not provide you the meaning of the word.

  • It converts what you type in English (Roman) script in Tamil Script.

  • For example, if you type “Tamil is one of the longest-surviving classical languages in the world” it converts into “தமிழ் ஐஸ் ஒன்னு ஒப்பி தி லோங்ஸ்ட்-சுர்விவிங் கிளாசிக்கல் ளங்குஞ்ஜ்ஸ் இந்த தி வேர்ல்”.

  • For best Tamil to English converter online, you can always trust on our website.

  • Our translation tool is completey free and ensure great translation service.

  • Tamil typing software free download for PC windows 7 and 10.

History of Tamil typing

Tamil is spoken by a majority of South Indians, whereas there are many more states who have around 2% to 7% of Tamil speakers in their regions. But the official state of Tamil speakers in Tamil Nadu and its neighboring states. On the other hand, we talk about other countries, you can count on; Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Mauritius with minorities of speakers.

The record of this language has been found over 2000 years back, with solid literature reviews. In ancient history books, Tamil, considered as Dravidian language was a proto-language adopted from Lord Shiva.

Matter of fact, 3 major stages took place in language formation from the ancient day to today.

Old Tamil

The period of formation was around the 3rd century BC to the 8th century AD. The sculptures were written or formed on the stones of caves or pottery.

Middle Tamil

This covered the old Tamil and takeover his existence by expanding more accurate characteristics and grammatical changes. Just after the 8th century evolved and focused on the present tense rather than any other.

Modern Tamil

When the speakers got a connection with European countries and their language, they found several constant clusters they should work on. The syntax and formatting should be improved, a little less complex structure with more European style punctuations.
In the early 20th century, under the Pure Tamil Movement, the creators removed several Sanskritic elements from Tamil to make it less complex and easy to adopt by anyone.


Is there any word limit in this tool?

No, you can convert as many words as you want without any restrictions. Just make sure that you follow the exact process to make it work.

Can I paste a paragraph to convert it from the tool?

You can't paste any third-party clipboard texts, if you're looking for an exact result then we recommend you to go word-by-word. It will be more accurate and works fine for sure.

How many languages does this tool support?

If you're looking to convert your English to other language typing options, then this tool has around 20 available languages. All of them are working fine, you can take a look over the list from the top menu section.


In the end, I just want you to enjoy the tool and share it with your friends who seem to be needy of this kind of service.
If you have any doubts or questions related to this tool, drop down the comment box. We will assist you with great solutions shortly. Also Read: English To Bengali Typing