Entergy Arkansas Smart Meter

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This complaint goes towards energy of Arkansas last year they installed a smart meter on my house and when they took the old meter off they transferred the numbers wrong and my August Bill my usage was almost double I've been contacting them for a year to resolve this and I've gotten the runaround to this date.

Desired Outcome. A correction request has been issued on this account to adjust the final reading on the legacy meter KBBXXXXXX removed 7/25/21. The final reading was 73592. We will adjust reading to 72592 removing 1,000 kWhs.

Our normal process is to verify final reading on meter but in this case the meter is no longer available.

Overpaid Entergy and was informed that I would receive the money back into my bank account. After speaking with a number customer service representative from Entergy.

It appears that I will just have credit on my account.

Let me not pay my bill or reach out to Entergy for assistance my service would be disconnected. Entergy/Bill Matrix are one in the same company and if you over pay your bill, you are screwed and forced to have a credit on your account.

anonymous Problems with Product/Service complaint

Desired Outcome. The customer made two payments of $328.35 on 3/11/2022 through our third payment vendor Bill Matrix. To receive a refund or reversal of the payment the customer can call Bill Matrix at XXX XXX XXXX.

Hello, you are advised as a consumer to contact Bill Matrix at the telephone number that has been provided. Unfortunately, you are not able to connect with a live person.

If you do not selected any of the option on Bill Matrix. The automated will disconnect your call.

If you do select the option on Bill Matrix, you are routed right back to an Entergy representative.

Who will inform there is nothing they can do, you contact Bill Matrix. They know good and well. That this does not address or resolve your issue.

If the customer calls Bill Maxtrix at XXX-XXX-XXXX and select 7 a live person will come on the line and assist them. (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) Good morning, first off.

I would like thank the BBB for reaching out to Entergy. Unfortunately, this matter will never be resolved. I contacted the number above, selected option 7.

This time even better. The CSR, ******* *** was unable to locate any information or reimbursement request on my Entergy account.