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Now, just over 24 years after the shows final broadcast, long-time fans have yet another chance to dive into The Next Generation universe thanks to a still-in-development virtual tour of the infamous USS Enterprise-D. On Windows NT-based operating systems, such as Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, it is not possible to operate the program natively. However, it can be run inside a Microsoft Virtual PC-emulated Windows 9x system. This software is available as a free download from Microsoft, but the. Today's fan-casualty is Stage 9, a virtual recreation of Star Trek's Enterprise-D to walk around - less a game, more a virtual Star Trek museum piece. After two years of work, it was issued a cease-and-desist by TV network CBS earlier this month, and lead developer Scragnog formally announced its demise yesterday, in a video below and on Twitter. Virtual Tour: USS Enterprise (1701-D) Deck 1-4 (WIP) Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Lee Enfield, Jun 19, 2013. Giving it away as a free download.

  1. Star Trek Enterprise Virtual Tour
  2. Enterprise D Virtual Tour Download
  3. Star Trek Stage 9 Download

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A (Constitution class)

Mesh created in Cinema 4D R20

  • 1.8 million polygons
  • including interiors: Lounge, Hangar (ST V variant), Casino
  • including Galileo 5 shuttle

Textures created in Photoshop CC and some free stuff.

C4D native benefits (Xpresso rigs):

Enterprise D Virtual Tour Download
  • Hangar doors animated through slider
  • Deflector lights animated through slider
  • Warp glow animated through slider
  • Torpedo fire glow animated through slider
  • Impulse engine glow animated through slider

Required credits on all images:
Model and textures by A.Klemm (Nightfever)

Required credits on conversions and modifications:
Original model and textures by A.Klemm (Nightfever)

Free for private use. For commercial use please contact me.

Star Trek Enterprise Virtual Tour

C4D format comes in two versions: one with Redshift materials (file name labeled _RS) and the other with C4D materials.

Update: Marc Bell did a great conversion for 3DS Max (+Redshift materials). Please credit him if you’re playing with it.

Textures need to be downloaded seperately.

If you like this model and want to spend me a coffee, please

Type 5 “Galileo” 19 MB 58 downloads

Contains FBX, OBJ, C4D format and textures.…

1701-A_C4D (Redshift) 33 MB 53 downloads

Contains the mesh in C4D and Redshift materials.…

1701-A_FBX 65 MB 194 downloads

Contains the mesh in FBX…

1701-A_OBJ 110 MB 159 downloads

Contains the mesh in OBJ…

1701-A_C4D 33 MB 76 downloads

Contains the mesh in C4D…

1701-A_MAX (Redshift) 145 MB 71 downloads

Contains the mesh in MAX with Redshift materials.…

1701-A_Textures 206 MB 235 downloads

Contains the textures.…
We understand home buyers want to see the spaces in 3D as they are not able to comprehend what the space would look like from Inside. They are also curious to know the materials & finishes the home builder is going to provide them. That is precisely we can help you with, much faster and at a fraction of cost of a real showcase home. Remember, they are not technically trained to visualize 2D Floorplans and your specification sheet.
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  1. A lay man is not trained in reading technical drawings. It help them to visualize the spaces in visual format.
  2. 2D House plans show Room dimensions such as 10'x15'. Customers don't understand how big the room is. They don't understand dimensions.
    When they look at a virtual tour, they understand how spacious is 10'x15'
  3. Off Plan properties are difficult to sell. Clients don't have anything physical to go and see. So how do they visualize the space?
  4. Unlike a physical Sample House you build, these are Open 24/7 for viewing.
  5. Your customers don't have to buy Any VR Gadget. The 3D Virtual tour can be viewed directly from your website. Though if someone has a VR headgear, you can view using that as well.
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A 3D Virtual tour is an Interactive 3D tour created from 2D house plans. These are typically used for marketing Off-Plan properties. Since it is not possible for a Property Developer to create a Show house for every design, 3D virtual tours from house plans comes in really hand for marketing. Unline 360 Real estate virtual tours like matterport, there are no actual photoshoots involved. Everything is created in by us in 3D.

What we need to create 3D Virtual Tours Walkthrough? Guess what nothing much!

1. We need the 2D house plan in JPG or PDF format.
2. Ceiling height in Mili Meters.

The by default virtual tours would like our basic ones which represent furniture placement. Here's a Sample
If you wish to get a Modern look & feel with a WOW effect, you can opt for our Premium service. Here's a Sample for your reference.
  1. Typically we need 3-4 days to create a 3d virtual tour for a property.
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We understand every project has its own budget. Some are lowend projects, some are highend. Thus looking at our customer needs, we have developed 2 qualities.
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    Contact us to know the cost for 3D virtual tours for your house plans.
  1. Paintings on wall
  2. Skirting (baseboard)
  3. Luxury lighting feel.
Typically the 3D Virtual tours are ordered for capturing existing properties and not for house plans. The intent of the seller is to send a link to his customer so that he saves time and does not have to travel all the way to the property to see it physically. Great. But what about Off plan properties? The project is only on papers as yet. There is nothing on the ground, no show homes. How do you intend to explain the spaces to the customer? How do you intend to give that wow factor in your presentation? The answer lies in 3D Virtual Tours for House plans.
If the answer is yes, then what stops the real estate companies from creating them?
Let's have a look at the factors :
  1. Amount of money to be spent would be huge!
  2. Would require so much of precious real estate space to build demo homes. Some times there are lots of designs. What do you do then?
  3. Logistics of developing furnished homes is too much.
  4. Time cost of people involved in creating show homes.
  5. People would have to come physically to see them.
In high-value residential design projects, where the total project cost goes in Millions and there are multiple stake holders, it becomes difficult to get everyone on the same page. Imagine there is a big house being made in the US. There are kids, parents and grandparents involved. The Builder is from Texas and the client is in California and CAD drawing team in India. Parents love hosting people for dinner. Grand Parents require a lot of Storage and kids require a lot of playing area.
None of these people are trained to read CAD drawings. How on earth do you expect everyone to coordinate?

Here's a Magical tool that everyone can understand, from where ever they are and no one needs to be technical. How cool is that?It's called 3D Virtual Tours, House Plans. These are generated from 2D House plans. The intent is to make things visual so that the design layout can be really understood by the client.

Enterprise D Virtual Tour Download

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Star Trek Stage 9 Download

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