Environment Texture For Blender

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Art is expansive. Meaning the more you know, the more you realize there is to know. And thus, it's overwhelming. But if you're familiar with the Pareto’s principle, you'll know that the results are rarely distributed evenly. Usually 80% of your results, will come from just 20% of your training. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you should put blinders on. Look only at what you need to know, to get results fast. Most education is done the opposite way.

4.2 Cyclesで背景のHDR画像を残さないようにする方法

It's by teachers who know the subject well, and believe you need to know everything they do, in order to succeed at it. Which isn't true. I think one of the issues with 3D education is that the question of “learning 3D” is far too broad.

3D can be used for everything from gaming, archviz, data visualization, vfx.

And then within each industry there's characters, creatures, hard surface, procedural, photoscanning, and that’s just the tippety tip of the 3D iceberg.

But the good news is you don't need to know everything to achieve results. So a better question is to be more specific about what in "3D" you want to learn.

And for 8 out of 10 beginners it’s simply: to createpretty images that are widely appreciated.

So basically any image that get likes on Instagram or ArtStation. (While chasing likes isn’t a good goal for your life, it’s a useful metric in art to tell you when it’s appreciated by many).

In the case of getting likes, characters always perform best… but characters are insanely difficult for a beginner to achieve.

Hosek/Wilkie sky texture settings

Second to this is environments, with a character present. So that will be our focus for this study. The next problem is that education usually contains too much fluff. When a school has 3 years to teach a class, they’re going to fill it with some things that aren’t that useful.

"A good teacher must know the rules, a good pupil, the exceptions." - Martin H Fischer.

So instead, I’ll be structuring this curriculum around an idea from the 4 Hour Chef:”If I were to train you for four weeks for an art competition, and had a million dollars on the line, what would the training look like?”. - Complete: The Beginner Donut tutorial. - Homework: Create something similar by yourself (eg.

Cookie or a cupcake). - Watch: Beginners Guide to Lighting. - Practical: Create 5 lighting variations for your donut render. - Watch: How to make Photorealistic Materials in Blender.

- Complete: The anvil tutorial. - Homework: Make something related: an axe, a weapon etc. Replicate the photo 1:1. - Watch: Understanding Composition. - Practical: Use your lighting and composition knowledge to create 5 variations of your anvil.

Preetham sky texture settings

- Create something entirely new of your own choosing that’s achievable within 2 days. Environment Creation:. - Watch: Render Optimizations. - Watch: How to Tile a Texture Properly.

- Watch: Introduction to Microdisplacements. - Watch: Importing FBX models into Blender.

- Create an environment of your own choosing (desert is easiest).