Explaining Elapsed Time To Children

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The computation of elapsed time is often used not just in school but also in many scientific and business functions. Although most of us know how to tell time, some find it difficult to compute time elapsed. This involves converting the hours into minutes then subtracting results. In the classroom, you can make use of time elapsed worksheets to help children develop conversion skills. 4 Examples of elapsed time worksheets . 6 Tips for teaching elapsed time . 7 Using your elapsed time worksheets in class . Time elapsed refers to how much time has passed while an event occurs. When teaching children about this subject matter, they first need to know about the difference between time recorded and the time intervals. Although children have the skill of telling time and record it, this doesn’t always mean that they can easily work out time differences.
An elapsed time worksheet is a tool designed especially for students at each step, whether they’re just working on the hours passing or on any other instructions on the sheet. You can use elapsed time word problems or worksheets whether you’re working with analog clocks, digital clocks or word problems. Children who already know how to tell time will have an advantage in learning or solving time elapsed problems.

This is a new subject for them as it involves understanding the concepts of addition, subtraction, hours and minutes, and the 12-hour time system.

When I brought this knowledge back to my classroom and began to teach elapsed time with number lines, I saw light bulb moments all over the room! This method was a total game changer for both teacher and students. Instead of dreading this lesson, I now look forward to it because I am confident that students will understand it.
I hope that you will find this method as useful as I have. I've created some notes to guide my students through this process. You can grab them by clicking on the image below: