Exterior Cladding Northern Ireland

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Nothing beats that feeling of satisfaction you get from looking at a cringe-worthy 'before' shot and a sparkly 'after' shot (even when it's not your own).

Whether it's a bikini body transformation, a seemingly-impossible stain removal (think Vanish Napisan commercial) or, in this case, amazing home renovations, comparing the bad with the good makes us realise what's achievable with a little hard work (or some super strength stain remover).

Here, we've picked out ten of our most-dramatic before and after home renovations just to give you goosebumps or possibly to inspire your own home makeover.

Three Birds Renovations founders Erin Cayless, Bonnie Hindmarsh and Lana Taylor gave this Sydney home from the '60s a stunning revamp in just 12 weeks.

The renovation included a dramatic update of the home's exterior and interior as well as an extension that includes the large kitchen and a second living or dining area. With a budget of $15K Cherie Barber completely transformed this 2-bedroom apartment in just three days!