Exterior Metal Wall Panels

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Metal wall panels are one of the most economical options to clad the walls (both exterior and interior) of a building. But while cost is important, it isn't everything. They are also highly durable, rarely require additional framing and are easy to replace or configure when building repairs or modifications are needed. Because of these factors, metal panels win on functionality too. So they deliver on value and performance, but what about aesthetics? With options like flush or ribbed panels and vertical or horizontal installs, they also perform a key role in the aesthetics of your new building.

And when Kynar paints are used, metal panels can also be a key visual element by retaining that new building curb appeal for years. We're incredibly proud of our robust wall panel offering.

With panel gauges ranging from 29 to 22, different substrate and paint options and over 15 different panel configurations we're ready to handle your projects from the routine to the exceptional. Bottom line: whether you're looking for an economical wall panel or a statement element for your building, we have you covered.

Learn more about our exposed or concealed fastened and insulated metal wall systems below or simply Contact Us, we're here to help. Concealed fastener wall panels are installed with clips and/or fasteners that are placed beneath the wall panels, so they are hidden from view.