Exterior Stone Cladding Patterns

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It is possible to make your living space look natural with Exterior Natural Stone Cladding methods. You can add differences to the exterior appearance of the house you live in, which is as important as the interior decoration, with small touches. Thanks to natural stones and special exterior cladding stones, you can achieve the exterior look you want.

With Exterior Stone cladding methods, you can extend the thermal insulation and building life as well as the appearance of a stone house. We beautify your living spaces with our natural stone cladding products specially prepared for your detached house or apartment. You can make your living spaces look magnificent by determining the natural facing stones suitable for your own style and style from our wide product range.

Exterior Natural Stone cladding Applications, which are frequently used to achieve a stone house appearance, are carefully prepared according to your house’s structure. To have a natural appearance and a natural structure, exterior natural stones in different colors and models are specially prepared for you in different sizes.

Thanks to the applied natural stone cladding, both a beautiful appearance are obtained and your living space becomes more durable and insulated.

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You can obtain natural stones of different colors and models with the assurance of Tureks Marble to achieve a traditional look for your house. The natural stone cladding used on exterior surfaces consists of natural stones obtained from nature.

Types Of Stone Cladding

It is different from blast stone applications and culture stone applications, which are different cladding applications. This type of exterior cladding product is prepared in desired sizes and dimensions. A more natural and natural appearance is obtained thanks to the completely natural exterior stone coatings. You can choose the most suitable natural stones from our portfolio, from different color options suitable for your region and the structure of your home. It is recommended that the living spaces where the exterior stone application will be made have a high weight resistance.

Exterior Natural Stone Applications

It is recommended that natural stones have a certain weight and that the application should be made after careful and expert evaluation. You can contact us for any inquiry you need for the Exterior Natural Stone cladding application or you can stop by our sales stores. This red granite has an attractive pattern of contrasting colors. Natural Stone Patterns for Cladding.

StonePly can provide natural stone cladding in a wide array of patterns, which can then be further customized by texture and color so that you can have a very distinctive interior or exterior feature for your commercial project.

Benefits of StonePly Natural Panels for Cladding Benefits. StonePly is a fabricated stone wall panel system that is made of a thin natural stone layer that is then adhered to an aluminum honeycomb substrate to create a lightweight, yet strong and highly durable, solution for cladding that can be used on the interior or exterior of a building.

How much does stone cladding cost?

Patterns for Natural Stone Cladding. The natural stone choices offered by StonePly include granite, limestone, marble, onyx and travertine provided in an endless array of colors. These each have unique patterns that make them stand apart. We offer many color choices in the different stone patterns for you to choose from. This variety of patterns provides a way to find the perfect match for your project’s architectural style, features, and color scheme. If a pattern is not listed on our website or catalogue, we may be able to custom order it for you to ensure you have exactly what you want for your project.

2. Stone Accents

To help you decide if a particular pattern, texture, or color is right for your project, our team offers samples just by filling out an easy online request form. When you are undertaking a commercial project, having a sample in your hand can help you feel confident that you are making the right choice before you place an order for the entire batch of natural stone panels for cladding.

Clad Your Home in Stone

The StonePly Advantage. Besides the level of expertise, responsiveness, and service that you receive working with StonePly, there are other advantages to consider that make us the right choice:.

Only the highest quality natural stone material is used for our natural stone panels for cladding. We partner with specific suppliers that we know offer the best natural stone. All of our materials undergo a rigorous testing and quality control process.

15. Texture Contrast

Some would even say that our stone panels are over-engineered in terms of the work that goes into ensuring that our products are durable, strong, weather-resistant and beautiful.

We have an incredible team of consultants who can help you with all aspects of the cladding process, including planning, design, budgeting, ordering and installation.

5. Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace

The team members have decades of experience with all types of projects and are adept at recommending patterns, colors, and textures that can help enhance the look and feel of your residential or commercial cladding project. We offer galleries of stunning examples of various StonePly natural stone patterns in use to provide visual ideas that can help you decide what may work for your particular cladding project. Get a Free Quote for a Stone Panel Cladding Pattern.

16. Front Accent

StonePly has or can create just about anything you can imagine for your cladding project. We offer free quotes so you can see what is possible. Our team of experts can be reached at 903.454.4630 or by filling out our contact form. ARCHITECTUREBRICKSColored BricksFacing BricksBUILDINGSDoorsWindowsCONCRETEBarePlatesDECORATIVE PANELS3D Wall panelsWorld mapsMARBLE SLABSPAVING OUTDOORConcretePavers stoneTerracottaPLASTERROADSPaving streetsROOFINGSSTONES WALLSCladdings stoneTILES INTERIORCement - EncausticMarble tilesMosaicoClassic formatPlain colorOrnate tilesPlain colorWater JetWOODFine woodWOOD FLOORSWOOD PLANKS.

23. Column Detail

BRICKSColored BricksFacing Bricks. DECORATIVE PANELS3D Wall panelsWorld maps. PAVING OUTDOORConcretePavers stoneTerracotta. ROADSPaving streets. STONES WALLSCladdings stone. Claddings stone. TILES INTERIORCement - EncausticMarble tilesMosaicoClassic formatPlain colorOrnate tilesPlain colorWater Jet.

22. Patio Wall

Cement - Encaustic. MosaicoClassic formatPlain color. Classic formatPlain color. BACKGROUNDS & LANDSCAPESNATURE. MATERIALSCARPETINGFABRICSMETALSRUGSWALLPAPERParato ItalyStriped. WALLPAPERParato ItalyStriped. NATURE ELEMENTSSOILVEGETATIONWATER. If you’re a fan of rustic old-world charm and traditional flair, the stone cladding types will definitely appeal to your senses.

3. Pool Area

Stonewall cladding is an excellent specimen of modern engineering and helps achieve that resolve to make sure your home is an extension of your personality. Stonewall cladding removes the need to build a house using expensive stone blocks which are not only exorbitant but also difficult to maintain.

10. Contemporary Planks

This multipurpose stone wall cladding can be used both internally and externally and can be used to either conceal boring and dull cemented or painted walls or even used in conjunction with other cladding types to add panache and further brighten up your home and workspace interiors.

1. Gates and Archways

On the outside, it can help achieve the look or feel you desire with a huge range of finishes and colors to provide an appealing finish and a dash of sophistication. One thing for sure is that wherever it is placed, stone wall cladding helps bring back the elegant warmth and the contemporary style of the 19th Century while staying true to urban living and style.

21. Seating Area Backdrop

Suggested Read: Stone cladding advantages and disadvantages. Mountain Ledge Stone. Country Rubble Stone. Limestone is a flexible material that is used for both interior and exterior walls of different buildings.

17. Subtle Accents

Because it is so easily carved and sculpted, its unique and versatile pieces are ideal for cladding the paving, facades, stairs, and other structures of the buildings. For millennia, limestone has been a popular construction material because it combines limitless endurance with natural beauty and is relatively easy to cut or shape, resulting in some stunning architectural creations.

18. Adding Depth

Limestone cladding is praised for its uniformity and visual variation. Mountain Ledge Stone. It is a rough layered rock with incredible patterns and designs. Any vertical surface is made more interesting by its deep shadows. It’s made up largely of square-edged rocks with a variety of textures ranging from virtually smooth to abrasive. Like Northern Ledge, it is panelled rock which looks rustic yet contemporary in any architecture.

19. Rich Elegance

It instals rapidly and has a slightly bigger average rock size, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • It creates the illusion that the wall is composed of genuine rocks.
  • Quarrying various rocks and grinding them into tiny pieces produces natural rock.
  • Wet cladding and dry cladding are both options for natural stone.
  • It’s also used in the interior of buildings.
  • When properly positioned, the textures and cracks of these rocks provide a three-dimensional appearance, giving the impression that the building is entirely composed of rock.
  • These are also known as piled stones.
  • They are used for walls, fireplaces, and borders.
  • It is made up of several types of rectangular natural rock stripes that are consistently put over a mesh to make a veneer.

12. Clean, White Texture

Its tiles come in the most popular sizes of 6-by-20-inch and 6-by-24-inch and are made up of four rows of stones cemented together.

11. Outdoor Fireplace

25. Subtle Skirt

Its cladding looks gorgeous on whichever wall it is placed on, and it invariably becomes the room’s focal point. Individual rock pieces are cut to a regular height and length for coursed wall cladding. Although some are more uniform than others, they all produce a fantastic dry impression.

They may usually be glued closely together without the need for mortar joints. Some rocks, however, may need the use of a thin mortar.

20. Landscape Focal Point

The appearance of even construction and walling rocks is even and consistent. Tumbled, pitched-faced, and split-faced finishes are available in these rocks. The most common approach to refresh a tired-looking facade, fireplace, or fountain is to stack rock.

30. An Alternative to Brick

It’s also a great method to make a unique feature wall with both a visual and a texture effect. The natural quartzite or marble is carved into stripes for this cladding.

7. Waterfall Feature

26. Outdoor Living Room Accent

Heavy-duty glue is used in the cladding of each of these tiles. This is the most common type, and it comes with an interlocking or Z-style cut pattern to hide grout lines. Natural stone, sheer interest displayed through the individuality of each rock, is Artesia.

9. Skirting Panels

Artesia cladding is as simple to install as regular tiles. Even after years of use, the natural look of these claddings stays unaltered. They are ideal for use in outdoor settings.

27. Pool Accent

How to install stone wall cladding

Because of their poor absorption rate, they do not freeze, break or dismantle. They are also resistant to abrasion and treading. Country Rubble Stone. Country Rubble cladding is symbolic of the provincial structures which were found in Europe, where the structure depicts a simpler way of life.

14. Three-Dimensional Design

The unpredictability of the appearance of this unique cladding displays a simple earthy beauty that evokes the timeless essence of the European countryside.

8. Architectural Highlights

These are typically used in outdoor settings such as gardens, golf courses, and palaces since the cladding is both rough and strong while still being aesthetically beautiful. The understated elegance of stone wall cladding infused with traditional style is sure to liven up your home or office and create a truly magical atmosphere. Besides they are available in a wide range of textures and styles giving you a host of options to choose from when trying to figure out which one works best for your abode.

Well, it’s hard to say how much stone cladding will cost you because it all depends on the design and the type of stone cladding you require, although the cost of stone cladding is relatively more than other cladding types, once installed, stone wall cladding is sure to keep you captivated for several years. Moreover, it’s extremely sturdy and durable and can pose fierce resistance to weather elements, fire, and pollution thereby making cladding stone prices immaterial in the long run.

No matter its use, from external limestone cladding to internal décor stacked stone, stone wall cladding adds depth and texture to any designated space while beautifully blending the boundaries between the outside walls and the ones on the inside.

24. Defining Accent Wall

Some popular stone cladding designs or finishes includes natural stone cladding, polished, tumbled, aged, sandblasted, bush-hammered, leather, flamed, mushroom, and sawn to name a few. Suggested Read: Different Types of Cladding Material. The natural rustic look of stone wall cladding certainly adds depth and class to the appearance of your home.

4. Exterior Accent Wall

However, unlike other forms of wall cladding, stone cladding can prove to be a bit more difficult to install.

29. Architectural Detail

Owing to its sheer weight, it proves cumbersome to not only hold against walls and other surfaces but is also prone to falling off or peeling as it tends to put far more stress on walls.

28. Subtle Detail and Depth

It’s, therefore, important to make sure the surface and the wall cladding pieces are free of dust and dirt to allow for sound adhesion. Stone cladding can be made from finely shaved coatings of large rocks which are then glued or affixed to a board or plywood with hard glue or mortar.

6. Exterior Dining Area

Another way is to smear the board with small pebbles or stones to create a mosaic look. Wall cladding usually comes in the form of sheets or similar thin flexible materials which are attached to the outside side of the wall sheath, leaving some space between the cladding and the sheath to allow for water and air to circulate.

13. Bold Contrast

Additionally, before the stone veneers are installed, it’s imperative that the wall is treated with waterproofing material as well to ensure water doesn’t seep inside while also eliminating the possibility of condensation which may cause mold, rot, and mildew from occurring.

Shawnee Mission Hospital – Shawnee Mission, KS

The way the exterior of your home looks is arguably more important than the way it appears inside. Your home’s exterior style and appearance have a lot to do with its value, its curb appeal, and how quickly it’s able to sell when put it on the market. For these reasons, many homeowners work hard to ensure that their exterior is stylish, kept up, and in keeping with the rest of their home’s architecture.

Niswonger Children’s Hospital – Johnson City, TN

And while there are many different materials on the market to help you do this, not all of them will give you the same beauty, texture, and longevity of natural stone. Stone cladding and siding panels add richness and appeal to any area you install them on, including all areas of your home’s exterior and landscaping. Check out these 30 stone cladding and siding panel ideas to help gain some inspiration for your property.

North Collier Hospital – Naples, FL

First impressions are often the most important. For properties that have a gate or archway to enter through set forward from the main home, this entry point must make the impression before the visitor even arrives at your home.

Jenna Welch Women’s Center – Midland, TX

Make yours stand out with an Estate Stone cladding that will instantly set the tone for the rest of your exterior and landscaping. There are few materials more durable to clad the exterior of your home in than brick and natural stone.

Axelrod Pavilion – Clearwater, FL

Brick is a popular material for its style and durability, but cladding your entire home in it can mean obscuring some of its architecture and detail. By using Estate Stone to accent the brick, it lightens and breaks up the pattern, allowing those details to shine through. If you do a lot of entertaining around your pool area, you’ll want it to make an equally great impression on your guests.


Talking Stick Casino and Resort – Scottsdale, AZ

Things like built in seating, fire pits, and waterfall features all contribute to both style and functionality for the space. Cladding them all in matching honed stone unifies the area and complements the landscaping at the same time. Many people have already discovered the advantages to using an accent wall indoors to liven up their walls and their design.

Silver Star Casino – Philadelphia, MS

This home uses an exterior accent wall to contrast the panel siding and add some interest to the contemporary layout. The wall sits at a 90-degree angle to the rest of the siding, which calls attention to the entryway and the architecture at the same time.

For homes located in warm climates, it’s common to have lanai or patio areas that are partially indoors and partially outside. This property uses a fireplace in this section of the home for greater versatility both in design and in function. The honed stone cladding on the fireplace complements both areas of the home, with its natural color and sleek, clean edges.

Mcdonald St. Paul Hotel – Sheffield, England

If you have a dining area located outside of your home, set it apart from the rest of the space by creating an elegant accent wall to frame it. This space has a single wall clad in honed stone, which helps bring attention to the dining area, separating it from both the inside and the rest of the landscaping.

Adding a waterfall feature to your pool adds both visual beauty and tranquil sound. This contemporary feature uses not only pipe fillers, which match the tone of the fence behind it, but also a honed stone cladding. The cladding mimics the panels of the modern fence behind the pool, creating a unified look, while still matching the natural surroundings of the yard.

Pacific Palms Resort – La Puente, CA

This large, transitional-style home features several interesting architectural details that might be lost if clad in a single material. Instead, each section is given the chance to shine, including the front columns which are clad in a honed stone that complements the dark gray brick used elsewhere.

Embassy Suites – Downtown Houston, TX

It’s common in some types of architecture to feature a different material on the lower half of the home than what’s installed at the top. This highlights the different stories of the building and brings greater interest and diversity to the design.


McCarran Airport Terminal 3 – Las Vegas, NV

This property uses a honed granite panel on the skirt, bringing it right up the edge of the upper story for a stunning contrast in color and texture.

Love Field Terminal Expansion – Dallas, TX

Many people assume that natural stone is traditional or formal in presentation and design, but this isn’t always the case. This very contemporary home gets a facelift from the use of honed, contemporary stone planks. The planks can be installed in several patterns to get a variety of effects. Here, they’re stacked on top of one another, highlighting the linear architecture of the home.

Orlando International Airport – Orlando, FL

When using natural stone outdoors, sometimes a more rustic appearance can help tie in the feature to the landscaping and surrounding nature. In this case, a Shadowstone accent above the more contemporary surround helps tie this outdoor fireplace in with the natural space located just behind.

Kalamazoo Transit Center – Kalamazoo, MI

Stucco is a popular material for many home exteriors, but its texture may be too subtle for some properties. This home gets a much-needed lift from a textured white stone cladding on the front. The clean white color of the stone brightens up the exterior, creating a more contemporary façade, while the stucco warms up the rest of the property, adding a subtle contrast.


To frame out this patio, one side of an adjoining shed was clad in a deep, Midnight Shadowstone. This dark color frames the patio and helps bring attention to it. What really makes the design pop, however, is the lighter stone surrounding the gas fireplace, adding both function and visual warmth. One of the best things about stone cladding is its ability to be installed on nearly any surface, both inside and out.

Curved Stone

In this case, the stone follows you right beneath the archway that leads to the front of the home, then appears again surrounding the door. This three-dimensional use of the stone has the effect of pulling you forward right into the design. Sometimes a property can appear more or less contemporary or traditional depending on what it’s been clad in. This very modern home appears much more transitional and in keeping with its surroundings having been clad in a light, multi-color Shadowstone.

The texture from the stone contrasts beautifully with the clean lines of the property, giving the entire design a lot of depth. This home’s architecture would be lost if the entire property were clad in a single color or material.

Balconies and Cantilevered Structures

Instead, the lines of the home are brought into sharp detail by the use of a stone panel front. The dark color and texture of the stone contrast with the rest of the property, throwing the front section into relief and calling attention to the design.


Using stone as an accent doesn’t have to create contrast with whatever else you have installed there. This home uses both stone and wood to create a very subtle and detailed design.

South Plaquimine Parish High School – Port Sulphur, LA

The Terracotta-colored stone picks up the warm tones from the wood, creating a cohesive design that adds interest without adding contrast. Very dark siding sometimes has the effect of making a home look flat or two dimensional. By using a lighter, but still coordinating, stone skirt on the lower level of the home, it adds depth to the entire design.

The deep accent colors within the stone perfectly match the darker siding, but the overall color of the stone is still light enough to add contrast and interest. Natural stone cladding has a depth, richness, and elegance that is often lacking from other exterior materials.

Used over the majority of this home, the stone also adds texture and detail that allows the other materials to highlight the architecture.

Together, the different sections help ensure that the home’s design is perfectly in keeping with its size and layout.

Ann Taylor – New York, NY

If you entertain frequently, make sure that you have a natural focal point or gathering place as part of your landscaping. This oversized stone fireplace and oven creates a natural seating area and focus within the yard’s design. At the same time, the stone matches up well with the exterior and landscaping, so while it draws the eye, it isn’t because it’s out of place.


Wachovia Tower – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

When considering the exterior cladding of the home, don’t just give your consideration to the entrance. This seating area gets a warm backdrop from natural stone used as a cladding on the back wall of the home.