Exterior Stone Tile Cladding

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MORE TAGS TO THIS WEBSITE. StoneLite® panels have over four decades of proven performance on the exterior of buildings throughout the world. After many years of exposure to many different environments and being subjected to extreme heat, bitter cold, earthquakes and hurricanes, the panels not only retain their natural beauty but remain durable and continue to perform.

The StoneLite® exterior stone paneling system and its installation components have been thoroughly tested by leading independent testing laboratories. They have proven performance in bond strength and flexural strength following acid freeze/thaw and UV radiation exposure.

They are accepted by I.C.C. (formerly ICBO) and other code bodies for unrestricted use as exterior cladding for Type I buildings. They offer the advantage of construction speed and cost effectiveness. The lightweight panels are easy to handle, so an entire building can be laid out in advance and arranged for blending the color and the natural stone grain prior to fabrication and installation.


Below are just a few exterior applications and projects that highlight the many different applications of StoneLite® natural stone panels. StoneLite® has been installed on hundreds of commercial projects from 58 stories to one (1) story structures throughout the world and in climates that experience freeze thaw, extreme heat, seismic, tornadoes, hurricanes and everything in between. This was our first multi-story project completed in 1984 with over 70,000 sq. of StoneLite® Mahogany granite.

This was a pre-panelized project with steel stud frame back up. In 2001, the building was hit by 120 mph shear winds and over 25% of the building’s windows were blown out. The building was hit by flying debris however the StoneLite® panels sustained ZERO damage. The StoneLite® panels have been in place for 30 years and have withstood not only the test of time but durability, missile impact debris, tornadic winds and extreme climate variations. They are as beautiful today as the day they were installed.

There are two components that make this project unique. First, at the time of completion it was the tallest building in Russia standing at 35 stories. Second, more than 11, 000 sq. meters of StoneLite® panels were installed from a simple swing stage. With only one week of on-site training, the local Russian carpenters were able to rapidly install this 35 story building using simple hand tools and a suspended platform.