Exterior Wall Cladding Boards

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(Image credit: Simon Maxwell). Cladding your home is a fool-proof way to transform the exterior of your property. Not only will increase its kerb appeal and consequently raise its value, it can also protect your home from the elements. If you’re not satisfied with the exterior of your home there is a wide range of cladding and renders to get the look you desire. Do you love the clean look of contemporary houses? Then a simple rendering could be your answer. Alternatively, if you want a traditional look, brick slips or wood cladding could add authentic appeal. Take a look below at what options for cladding and rendering are on the market and find exactly what you need to fit your budget and create the look that you want. Find out more about how to transform the exterior of your home in our practical guide. Cladding is a skin of material added to a structure for protection and decoration. Both manmade and natural materials are used as cladding, the former being chosen for usually being low maintenance. However, there are now a growing number of timber claddings that require little to no aftercare, too. Your home may already have cladding and replacing like for like is a way to maintain the character of your home. This is especially important where the cladding matches the local vernacular. Otherwise, cladding or render can be used to improve a tired and dated home.