Exterior Wall Cladding Detail

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Copper, brass, bronze are uniquely suited for wall cladding applications. These materials are strong, light weight highly corrosion resistant and are available in numerous factory applied and alloy finishes and colors. In addition to the systems outlined in this section, many of the roof systems detailed in Section 8 can be adapted for use as wall claddings.

Most copper wall cladding systems are in many ways similar to copper roofing systems. They are generally installed over a continuous nailable substrate which is covered with 30 pound asphalt saturated felt.

Rosin-sized building paper is laid over the felt to keep the copper siding or panels from bonding to the felt. Flat, circular, and other shaped walls can easily be covered with copper cladding systems.

The majority of the copper cladding systems can be field formed from sheet material.

Many can also be pre-manufactured and transported to the site.

In addition, there are a number of engineered systems from a variety of US and foreign manufacturers.

The following pages contain descriptive information and copper wall cladding system details. The described systems are generic in scope and are meant to convey basic design concepts. Other systems may vary to some degree. The terms "siding" and "panel" have been used throughout this section as a convenient way to refer to components in the details.
Most homeowners just paint their interior walls and use standard siding on the exterior of their homes.
This space improves ventilation and creates a water-resistant barrier—both of which prolong the life of the cladding materials and the integrity of your home. If you’re curious about installing wall cladding, you’ll need to know the different types for both interior and exterior cladding, plus their benefits. So today we’ll go into detail about what options you have for choosing wall cladding overpainting or more standard options.
It gives you more design freedom than other options and provides an opportunity for your home to stand out from others on the block. Benefits of wall cladding include:.