Exterior Wall Cladding Panel Systems

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At MG Alucacladding, we have more than 15 years’ experience supplying and installing aluminium cladding in Melbourne. We offer a wide range of premium cladding systems including solid aluminium cladding, composite panels, steel and metal cladding and more. Our high-quality aluminium cladding products are fabricated using the highest-grade industrial aluminium. We stock and install the finest brands in Australia including Alucobond, Colorbond, Vitradual and more.


We have completed a wide range of aluminium cladding projects around Melbourne including commercial offices, factories, domestic homes and high-rise apartments. When it comes to home and building construction, choosing the right cladding system is essential. Quality cladding protects a building’s brickwork and other structural elements from exposure and damage.

It can also enhance a building’s insulating properties and reduce noise pollution. And because of its versatility, aluminium cladding can be used to create a wide range of architectural and aesthetic designs and finishes. As experienced aluminium cladding installers in Melbourne, we can work with you to design, supply and install an external wall cladding system perfectly suited to your property and your requirements. We supply and install the finest solid and composite aluminum panels including Alucobond, Alpolic/fr, Alfrex Solid, AliWood, MondoClad, Vitradual, Vitracore G2 and more. Our expert team can provide installation services across projects of any scope or scale.



Whether you need cladding installation for a residential renovation or new build or installation for a major commercial or industrial or residential project, we can help. Besides our selection of premium aluminium cladding systems, we also supply and install a range of other external cladding solutions.


These include compressed sheet cladding, interlocking panel cladding, Vitrapanel prefinished compressed fibre cement panel cladding, Scyon Matrix cladding and Terracade terracotta wall cladding. As one of Melbourne’s leading wall cladding contractors, we are fully dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship, project management and customer service.


When you choose us, you’re working with a team of experienced professionals dedicated to getting the job done right. When it comes to external wall cladding, nothing beats aluminium. Aluminium cladding offers a wide range of benefits and is ideal for use on residential or commercial properties.

Lightweight and durableUnlike steel or concrete panels, aluminium cladding is incredibly lightweight while still being durable and long-lasting. It’s also corrosion resistant and fully weatherproof.

11. 3D cladding

Non-combustibleSolid aluminium cladding panels are completely non-combustible and will dramatically reduce the fire risk profile on any building. High-quality aluminium composite panels also feature a fire-resistant, non-flammable core. FlexibleUnlike other exterior building materials, like steel and concrete, aluminium is flexible and easy to work with.