External Stone Cladding For Houses

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Every home buyer or homeowner knows the importance of windows.

The windows offer to both the style and architecture of a house. These transparent viewpoints connect you to the outside world. It offers you the public a taste of what makes you and your property distinct. Yet, while the shapes of windows differ (box, bay, bow, dormer) from place to place. The installation can be different according to preference.

One thing remains the same; their maintenance. In fact, it’s the weather. It makes the maintenance of windows necessary because most if not can be plywood. The weathering of plywood compels a homeowner to paint over them every 3 to 4 years.

4. Faux Stone

Maybe replace them entirely as they are prone to rotting, decaying, or leakage. Fix your home right away with protection that can last a while. Get your Stone Cladding today in the Toronto area. To counter these drawbacks, builders have lately turned to vinyl siding. It has its cheaper cost, lighter weight, and easy installation. But these advantages are not enough to overcome a major drawback: the tendency to use the siding in unimaginative, even boring designs.


The popularity of brick and the convenience of vinyl siding has inhibited creativity. As a matter of fact, it has led to a rash of new subdivisions filled with repetitive designs that look as if they all came off the same assembly line.

5. Polyurethane Foam Panel Stone Siding

Builders limiting themselves to these conventional materials. This means many builders miss opportunities to attract new and design-conscious buyers. Also, everyone is buying houses or building custom houses these days. The way the exterior of your home looks is arguably more important than the way it appears inside. Your home’s exterior style and appearance have a lot to do with its value, its curb appeal, and how quickly it’s able to sell when put it on the market.


For these reasons, many homeowners work hard to ensure that their exterior is stylish, kept up, and in keeping with the rest of their home’s architecture. And while there are many different materials on the market to help you do this, not all of them will give you the same beauty, texture, and longevity of natural stone.

Stone cladding and siding panels add richness and appeal to any area you install them on, including all areas of your home’s exterior and landscaping. Check out these 30 stone cladding and siding panel ideas to help gain some inspiration for your property.

First impressions are often the most important.


For properties that have a gate or archway to enter through set forward from the main home, this entry point must make the impression before the visitor even arrives at your home. Make yours stand out with an Estate Stone cladding that will instantly set the tone for the rest of your exterior and landscaping.


There are few materials more durable to clad the exterior of your home in than brick and natural stone. Brick is a popular material for its style and durability, but cladding your entire home in it can mean obscuring some of its architecture and detail.

By using Estate Stone to accent the brick, it lightens and breaks up the pattern, allowing those details to shine through.

If you do a lot of entertaining around your pool area, you’ll want it to make an equally great impression on your guests. Things like built in seating, fire pits, and waterfall features all contribute to both style and functionality for the space.

Cladding them all in matching honed stone unifies the area and complements the landscaping at the same time.


Many people have already discovered the advantages to using an accent wall indoors to liven up their walls and their design. This home uses an exterior accent wall to contrast the panel siding and add some interest to the contemporary layout.


The wall sits at a 90-degree angle to the rest of the siding, which calls attention to the entryway and the architecture at the same time.

For homes located in warm climates, it’s common to have lanai or patio areas that are partially indoors and partially outside.

Why Choose Stone Siding for Your Home Exterior

This property uses a fireplace in this section of the home for greater versatility both in design and in function. The honed stone cladding on the fireplace complements both areas of the home, with its natural color and sleek, clean edges.

If you have a dining area located outside of your home, set it apart from the rest of the space by creating an elegant accent wall to frame it.

1. Natural Solid Stone

This space has a single wall clad in honed stone, which helps bring attention to the dining area, separating it from both the inside and the rest of the landscaping.


Adding a waterfall feature to your pool adds both visual beauty and tranquil sound. This contemporary feature uses not only pipe fillers, which match the tone of the fence behind it, but also a honed stone cladding.

The cladding mimics the panels of the modern fence behind the pool, creating a unified look, while still matching the natural surroundings of the yard.


This large, transitional-style home features several interesting architectural details that might be lost if clad in a single material.

Instead, each section is given the chance to shine, including the front columns which are clad in a honed stone that complements the dark gray brick used elsewhere. It’s common in some types of architecture to feature a different material on the lower half of the home than what’s installed at the top.

This highlights the different stories of the building and brings greater interest and diversity to the design.

3. Natural Stone Veneer Panel Siding

This property uses a honed granite panel on the skirt, bringing it right up the edge of the upper story for a stunning contrast in color and texture.

Many people assume that natural stone is traditional or formal in presentation and design, but this isn’t always the case.


2. Natural Stone Cladding

Natural Stone vs. Manufactured Stone Veneer





The Verdict



This very contemporary home gets a facelift from the use of honed, contemporary stone planks. The planks can be installed in several patterns to get a variety of effects.


Here, they’re stacked on top of one another, highlighting the linear architecture of the home.

28. Subtle Detail and Depth

When using natural stone outdoors, sometimes a more rustic appearance can help tie in the feature to the landscaping and surrounding nature.

In this case, a Shadowstone accent above the more contemporary surround helps tie this outdoor fireplace in with the natural space located just behind.

Stucco is a popular material for many home exteriors, but its texture may be too subtle for some properties.

This home gets a much-needed lift from a textured white stone cladding on the front.

The clean white color of the stone brightens up the exterior, creating a more contemporary façade, while the stucco warms up the rest of the property, adding a subtle contrast.

To frame out this patio, one side of an adjoining shed was clad in a deep, Midnight Shadowstone.