External Stone Cladding Panels

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StoneLite® panels have over four decades of proven performance on the exterior of buildings throughout the world. After many years of exposure to many different environments and being subjected to extreme heat, bitter cold, earthquakes and hurricanes, the panels not only retain their natural beauty but remain durable and continue to perform.

The StoneLite® exterior stone paneling system and its installation components have been thoroughly tested by leading independent testing laboratories. They have proven performance in bond strength and flexural strength following acid freeze/thaw and UV radiation exposure.

They are accepted by I.C.C. (formerly ICBO) and other code bodies for unrestricted use as exterior cladding for Type I buildings. They offer the advantage of construction speed and cost effectiveness. The lightweight panels are easy to handle, so an entire building can be laid out in advance and arranged for blending the color and the natural stone grain prior to fabrication and installation.

Florac EasyBlock™

Below are just a few exterior applications and projects that highlight the many different applications of StoneLite® natural stone panels. StoneLite® has been installed on hundreds of commercial projects from 58 stories to one (1) story structures throughout the world and in climates that experience freeze thaw, extreme heat, seismic, tornadoes, hurricanes and everything in between.


This was our first multi-story project completed in 1984 with over 70,000 sq. of StoneLite® Mahogany granite. This was a pre-panelized project with steel stud frame back up. In 2001, the building was hit by 120 mph shear winds and over 25% of the building’s windows were blown out. The building was hit by flying debris however the StoneLite® panels sustained ZERO damage.

Multicolor Quartzite

The StoneLite® panels have been in place for 30 years and have withstood not only the test of time but durability, missile impact debris, tornadic winds and extreme climate variations. They are as beautiful today as the day they were installed. There are two components that make this project unique.


First, at the time of completion it was the tallest building in Russia standing at 35 stories. Second, more than 11, 000 sq. meters of StoneLite® panels were installed from a simple swing stage. With only one week of on-site training, the local Russian carpenters were able to rapidly install this 35 story building using simple hand tools and a suspended platform.


The panels were brought up through the interior of the project and handed out through the building’s exterior openings to the installation team on the swing stage. This type of installation eliminated the cost of a heavy lifting equipment. The ease of installation enables installers from all parts of the world to quickly adapt to our system and produce quality projects.


After the 1964 earthquake, most buildings in Anchorage and in Alaska were built on a smaller scale. In 2002, the 10 story ASRC building was constructed using 37,000 sq. ft of StoneLite® Gialla Santa Cecilia granite panels and in 2010 RIM architects designed the iconic 14 story JL Tower and used over 54,000 sq.

Key features

of StoneLite® Mocha Creme limestone panels. StoneLite®’s performance on the structural and impact load testing including racking shear and seismic were instrumental in the decision to use lightweight natural stone panels for the exterior on both of these landmark buildings. A three building, multi-story project clad in StoneLite® exterior Stoke Hall limestone panels.

Spitafields EasyBlock™

This project is representative of many of our European projects as it is is an open joint/rain screen. The joints are not sealed which creates shadows around the panels thus creating the dimensional grid design image that envisioned by the architects and designers.


StoneLite® replaced 6 inch thick dimensional Indiana limestone that failed because of extreme temperature variations. This multi-story area houses six (6) 5,000 kw diesel generators that supply emergency power. The heat generated and freezing winters caused temperature swings resulting in failed dimensional stone. StoneLite® replaced the failed dimensional stone based on their outstanding testing results on the acid freeze thaw accelerated aging test performed by Wiss, Janney, Elstner.


A three story project completed in 2013 in which SPI did the installation of our StoneLite® Black Pearl and Rossa Taivassallo granite panels. The project had a couple of unique installation challenges. The StoneLite® panels were installed over insulated concrete forms (ICFs) and the building was not plumb so furring had to be added.

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Silverstone Corporate Plaza is the quintessential commercial property clad in 54,000 sq. of classic StoneLite® Polychrome, Nara, and Black Impala granite. What differentiates this project is the installation cost. We have discussed in other sections the ease of installation, the lower cost of installation as our panels can be installed by subcontractors already on the project, and due to StoneLite®’s lightweight properties they can be installed without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

Rugged Ledgestone

The subcontractor was able to install this project for $9 per sq. Pre-panelization is the process in which the framing is attached to the panels and they are shipped to the job site in pre-determined numerical system ready to be installed. The maximum panel length is 30′ but can go as high as 10-12 feet.


Granite panels with steel stud back up framing weighs less than 7 lbs. New construction five story commercial project in which over 65,000 sq. of StoneLite® Rosa Porrino in polished and sandblasted finishes were installed on the exterior.


The project was pre-panelized at the StoneLite® manufacturing facility in Coppell, TX and was shipped with back up framing attached. The entire project was installed in eight weeks. A 14 story commercial project using StoneLite® Giallo Santa Cecilia granite panels. This was a pre-panelized project in which the StoneLite® granite panels were anchored to 30′ long truss frames and shipped to the project site in a predetermined sequence.


The panels were installed from dusk to dawn to minimize disruption to employees. A new four story construction project in which the exterior was pre-panelized including the column covers. StoneLite® Relvinha and Indiana Gray limestone along with StoneLite® Nara and Luna Pearl granite was selected to create a stunning exterior.

What is Stone Cladding?

Because StoneLite® panels are constructed with a natural stone facing they can be used to create a multitude of looks by combining stones and finishings. Logan Heights Library has a portion of their library shaped like a cube in which the architect envisioned a checkerboard façade. The architect’s vision was achieved by alternating StoneLite® Kashmir Gold limestone panels in flamed and polished finishes.

Travertine Mosaic

StoneLite® Polychrome granite was installed in a diagonal pattern. The natural shading in the diagonal panels gives the appearance of a tone on tone argyle pattern. StoneLite® Rosa Taivassallo was featured on accent walls and cornices. Shawnee Mission Hospital’s Critical Care expansion project and subsequent Birth Center feature StoneLite® Gascogne Beige limestone panels in a running bond pattern.


The panels also vary in module sizes creating a mosaic appearance. StoneLite® has been installed on exteriors, interiors, entrances, lobbies, ceilings and combinations of applications for municipal, county, federal, national and international projects. A key component for our inclusion in government projects is our StoneLite® panel’s outstanding performance in a full scale arena blast test.


Additional government projects are featured under our interior and renovation application sections. Our international project list includes:. United States Embassy – Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. United States Embassy – Dunshanbe, Tajikistan. Supreme Court Building – Seoul, South Korea. Terminal Ferry Building Port of Genoa – Genoa, Italy.

Stone Cladding Installation

Charles de Gaulle Airport – Paris, France. Rotherham Civic Offices – Rotherham, England. Police Headquarters – Southampton, England. We recently completed a high energy blast wall out of StoneLite® Indiana Limestone panels. It is a 22 psi peak pressure and at a high level blast resistance. Many architects such as McCool Carlson Green have conducted extensive research, reviewing test data, and contacting owners of completed projects before specifying StoneLite® panels for the Nesbett Courthouse in Anchorage, Alaska.


They selected StoneLite® for its strength and ability to withstand the flexing and movement possible during seismic activity. After many years of exposure to the Alaskan environment and at least one significant earthquake, the panels remain durable and intact.


This National Park Welcome Center is a Silver LEED structure clad in StoneLite® Mount Airy granite. StoneLite® panels not only perform well in freeze thaw climates but can be installed in all weather conditions. This was a winter installation project. StoneLite®’s performance under freeze thaw conditions and seismic testing were key factors in the installation of their Sardo Gray panels for state courthouse’s exterior.


The design intent for the new Adams County Government Center was to compliment and enhance its natural surroundings and pay homage to its agricultural heritage. StoneLite® Hillsboro and Northern Buff limestone panels were installed on portions of the exterior and interior and were a natural fit in the overall design scheme.


A pre-panelized reclad project using StoneLite® Regal Gray exterior granite panels with white marble accents transformed an existing outdated structure to a vibrant government center. Two different native Georgia stones, StoneLite® Etowah (also known as Georgia Pink) and Cherokee White, were chosen as the exterior cladding.


The movement in these two native stones created a visually stunning exterior. Stone Panels, Inc. has been honored to have our StoneLite® natural stone panel system as part of some of the most revered museums in the United States and Canada.


The opening of the National Constitution Center was the first museum devoted to honoring and explaining the U.S. It was also groundbreaking in its construction by being the first museum to use StoneLite® panels and was later a feature article in Stone World magazine.


The exterior of the building features a façade of Select Buff Indiana StoneLite® limestone panels broken up by 8 inch bands of Chelmsford granite StoneLite® panels. Originally, the interior was designed to be solid stone but due to high costs the general contractor offered savings by replacing dimensional stone with StoneLite®.

Use & installation

Approximately 20,000 sq. of the same exterior stones were installed on the interior walls over steel stud framing. The average size panel was 5′ x 3’4″ but the pieces weighed only 60 lbs., resulting in a fast and easy installation process.


Some of the panels were fabricated to various angled corner shapes, other pieces to a convex curve or a concave curved shape at a fraction of the cost that would have been incurred for solid stone. Another 9,000 sq.

Colours and Finishes

of StoneLite® was installed on the upper exterior walls over the atrium. This national memorial complex underwent a renovation that was completed in 2010 and was re-dedicated on the 69th anniversary of the tragedy at Pearl Harbor. The renovation included the installation of over 10,000 sq.


of StoneLite® Walnut travertine panels at the first row on each of the five buildings with the remaining rows clad in StoneLite® Mocha Crème limestone.