Extruder For Anycubic Mega Pro

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  1. Only seven prints in so far. Very little Bowden tube has to be inserted at the both sides.
  2. The extruder filament channels are tight guiding filament through smoothly.
  3. HOWEVER this causes an issue when charging filaments. On retracting/removing filament the hotend is heated causing soft melted filament up into the extruder channel BELOW the gear.
  4. Yes you guessed it. That is where it gets stuck. The tolerances are so tight that the little extra filament will not go through the guiding channel.
  5. Maybe removing a COLD hotend nozzle and cutting the filament straight.
    Then retract cold clean filament.
  6. But that means every time you want to change a color or a filament you need to let the hotend cool remove the nozzle ,cut the filament.
    But cut it short enough that what’s left in hotend will melt and push through the hotend with the new filament.
  7. then remove your filament. put the nozzle back in tighten it down heater hotend then tighten the hot and a little more to make sure that the hot and has no gaps between the nozzle and he break.
  8. lotta steps to remove and change your filament when retraction should be the only step.
    I guess that’s what I get for using it with a direct drive system on Ender 3.
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