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Download managers are programs designed to download files from the Internet or local network. The main function of such software is to resume downloading a file from the place where it was interrupted. Ninja Download Manager - Super-fast downloads. JDownloader - Multiple file downloads in parallel. EagleGet - Built-in malware checker.

Final Words

Free Download Manager (FDM) - Supports pausing and resuming downloads. uGet - Support for batch download with file queuing. Download Accelerator Plus - A web browser is built-in. Internet Download Manager (IDM) - Support for popular video hosting websites. GetGo Download Manager - Downloading from password-protected websites. FlashGet- Automatic download from the fastest servers.

Free download managers support multithreaded downloading and downloading of files after a connection is lost.


Besides, it automatically selects the optimal download speed (depending on the type of connection). Such software integrates into popular browsers, replacing the standard download module, and monitor the clipboard, independently identifying links. Super-fast downloads. Ability to preview media. Extremely fast download speed. Download scheduling. Intuitive interface. Verdict: Ninja Download Manager is an excellent download manager and accelerator that helps users quickly download videos, music or any random file from the Internet.

High download speed and reliability is achieved by splitting the file into smaller parts and downloading each part using the connection to different servers.

  • The fastest download manager supports the function of resuming and restarting interrupted downloads, which will ensure high-quality downloads even if the Internet is weak or unstable.
  • It is convenient that once users start downloading, they can immediately start viewing/listening to media content without waiting for the full download to complete.
  • Multiple file downloads in parallel.
  • Supports well-known video hosting websites. Vast array of plugins.

Free of charge with no ads.

  • Simultaneous downloads of numerous files. Out-of-date interface. Verdict: JDownloader is the best download manager for PC since it is fully free and open-source.

đź’» Which are the Best Download Manager for PC?

This software is capable of starting, stopping and pausing downloads, setting bandwidth restrictions, extracting archives automatically and so on. Other benefits of JDownloader are simultaneous downloads of numerous files, support for add-ons and compatibility with such well-known video hosting websites as YouTube and Vimeo. This download manager is robust as it is. But users have an opportunity to extend its capabilities by means of over 300 plugins. The plugin that I suggest you install is the scheduler one letting users schedule their downloads. If you are going to download large-sized files, you may schedule to download them at night when the speeds are higher than usual.

Built-in malware checker.

  • Downloads are swifter. Integrated malware checker. Compatibility with all browsers.
  • Supports consecutive downloads. Packed with additional software.
  • Verdict: EagleGet is the best downloader from the Internet over the HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocols in terms of power and convenience.

Best Download Managers for Windows in 2022

It boasts a stylish interface that provides users with all the necessary tools for hassle-free file uploading. The downloader simplifies the process of tracking completed and running downloads, which are automatically placed in the appropriate categories. The functionality offers full integration with such widely used browsers as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, Maxthon, etc. Aside from integrating into Internet browsers, this download manager can intercept links to download files or multimedia elements directly from web pages. Supports pausing and resuming downloads. May be integrated into the browser. Supports pausing and resuming downloads.

Ability to download the entire website. Users can download certain files out of archives.

May be not very fast to parse the links.

  • Verdict: FDM is capable of monitoring and intercepting downloads from Internet browsers, as well as operating separately from them.
  • It is the best download manager to create batch downloads, download torrents, entire websites and each link from the clipboard, continue with the broken downloads, preview ZIP files prior to downloading them.
  • Besides, the software offers the ability to pick and download only certain files from the decompressed folders, as well as promptly manage the bandwidth allocation for all downloads.

The files will be downloaded according to their order in FDM.

  • But users have an opportunity to move files to upper or lower positions on the list to prioritize the download of particular files.

Internet Download Accelerator (IDA)

With FDM, it is possible to preview and convert video and audio files before they are finally downloaded. Also, users appreciate the functions of setting traffic restrictions and scheduling downloads only on a specific day. Batch download with file queuing. Support for batch download with file queuing. Ability to download files from an array of locations. Appealing dark mode. Integrates into the majority of well-known browsers. Difficult to install and configure. Verdict: uGet is the best download manager for Windows as it is open-source and fully free of charge.

It enables multi-connection downloads, splits files to boost the download speed, performs batch downloading with the ability to queue files, pauses and continues downloading files even if the process was interrupted.

  • The software offers a clipboard manager for monitoring the clipboard for all copied download links.
  • Besides, it will ask you whether you wish to download those files.
  • Among the other benefits of uGet are integration with such browsers as Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, Opera and Vivaldi, as well as the support for numerous mirrors protocol.
  • A web browser is built-in.

Integrated web browser.

  • Able to check files for viruses. Incorporates several ways to import numerous URLs.

Best Downloader Software for PC: Top Picks

Restrictions in the free version. Presence of ads. Verdict: The Download Accelerator Plus is a download manager that pleases users with an integrated web browser. Via copy/paste, users have a chance to add the links from their browsers. This free download manager is capable of importing an array of links via an M3U or plain text file, disconnecting from the Internet once all the files are downloaded, checking files for viruses and initiating downloads instantly after the import of links. DAP offers a Premium version as well, so not all capabilities are present in the free version. The download manager is compatible with Chrome, Explorer, Opera, Firefox and Safari. Besides, it supports downloading files according to the schedule.

Support for popular video hosting websites.

  • Compatible with well-known video hosting websites. Support for proxy servers, FTP & HTTP protocols, and more.
  • Swift downloads. Simultaneous downloads of numerous files.
  • Insufficient selection of plugins.

Presence of ads.

  • Verdict: Internet Download Manager is the best free download manager that is widely used on Windows OS.

Download Files Easily with These Windows Download Managers

It boasts hassle-free integration with all the well-known browsers. With IDM, it is possible to pause and continue with downloads, download numerous files simultaneously and at remarkable speeds. Internet Download Manager is supplied with a download logic accelerator that smartly breaks dynamic files into segments and applies multipart downloading technology to speed up the entire process. In case of the PC’s crash right during the file download, IDM will continue downloading from that place as if nothing was interrupted. Downloading from password-protected websites.

Downloads may be initiated and paused on a schedule.

  • Ability to preview an image prior to downloading.
  • Downloads from password-protected websites.
  • Integrated web browser. Occasionally slow download speeds.

Verdict: GetGo Download Manager performs batch downloading and offers a floating drop box for speedy download of files through drag and drop.

  • Users have an opportunity to paste links straight into this software or import an LST file that comprises all the download links.


It won’t be difficult to determine categories for where to locate downloads as it is possible to indicate the precise file extensions that have to be perceived as a certain category. In such a way, executable files will be put, for instance, into a Software folder. MP4 and AVI files will be put into a Videos folder. GetGo is the best free download manager due to the ability to store login credentials for downloading files from password-protected websites. Besides, it is capable of previewing images prior to downloading them, downloading files according to schedules, as well as capturing videos from video streaming services. Automatic download from the fastest servers. Integrated FTP and HTTP browsers.

Automatic download from the fastest servers. Ability to set the bandwidth limits manually.

Insufficient functionality.

  • Verdict: FlashGet is one of the most well-known file download managers in the world.
  • Today, this utility is still worthy of attention due to its convenience, ease of use and high download speed.
  • But its functionality won’t be suitable for all users since most of it is restricted only to basic capabilities.

Xtreme Download Manager (XDM)

This download manager PC lets users download files over the HTTP/FTP/MMS/RTSP protocols. However, when working with file hosting services, there may be problems. Besides, downloading videos from video hosting services is generally impossible, as well as partial downloading of ZIP archives. In the latest version of the utility, it is now possible to download files via The BitTorrent and eMule protocols, which isn’t provided in every download manager. It’s 2022, and if you are still using your browser to download files from the internet, you might as well go back to the stone age.

Its infuriating having to download files using browsers, as the whole process is clumsy and broken.

  • First of all, you don’t receive good download speeds, and even when you do, your download can break anytime.
  • That’s why you should always use a download manager.
  • A good download manager not only brings faster download speeds but also allows you to pause and resume your downloads and run multiple downloads in parallel.

So, it’s time that you switch and here is the list of the 10 best download managers for Windows that you can use today.

  • Note: Some of the download managers in the list let you download content from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Free Download Manager (FDM)

However, downloading content from these platforms for commercial use or piracy is illegal. So, make sure to read the privacy policy and terms & conditions of these tools before you start using them. In this list, we have selected 10 best apps. You can check the entire list by click on the table of content below. You can also jump to specific apps by clicking on their name in the table of content: . JDownloader is one of the best download managers that you can get for your Windows PC.

First of all, the download manager is open source and completely free to use.

  • Unlike the paid download managers which provide a free version which runs with ads, with JDownloader you get everything for free, that too without any ads.
  • Talking about its features, the downloader manager allows users to start, stop or pause downloads, set bandwidth limitations, auto-extract archives, and much more.
  • Some of my other favorite features of this app include multiple file downloads, support for popular content sites such as Vimeo and YouTube, add-on support, and more.

JDownloader is already a powerful download manager, however, it allows you to make it even more feature-rich and powerful by using a set of more than 300 plugins.

  • For example, one of my favorite plugins is the scheduler plugin which allows met to shcedule my downloads.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

Whenever I am downloading huge files, I schedule it to download in the night as I get the best speeds then. With JDownloader’s scheduling feature, I don’t have to remember to start and stop the downloads. This is just the tip of the iceberg and you can enhance JD’s capabilities based on your needs.

As you can see, JDownloader is a very capable download manager for Windows and you should definitely try this out.

  • Completely free without ads. Multiple file downloads in parallel.
  • Support for popular video hosting websites.
  • Huge library of plugins. UI seems outdated. Visit:Website (free). Pro Tip: Remember to decline installing free antivirus software when installing the app.
  • Internet Download Manager also known as IDM is probably one of the most popular download managers for Windows out there.

The biggest feature and probably the USP of Internet Download Manager is its easy integration with all the major browsers out there.

  • I still get surprised by the accuracy with which IDM intercepts all the download links allowing me to easily download the files using its service rather than the browsers’ built-in downloader.

🏅 What are the important features of the download manager?

This deletes the extra step where I need to consciously use a download manager as it automatically captures all my downloads. While other download managers also do this, none of them does it as good as Internet Download Manager. Other features of IDM include the ability to pause and resume downloads, support for downloading multiple files in parallel, faster download speeds, and more.

IDM comes with a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads.

  • This also ensures that even when your PC crashes in the middle of a download, IDM will be able to resume the download without having to start from scratch.
  • Internet Download Manager also supports proxy servers, FTP and HTTP protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, audio and video content processing among other things.
  • It is one of the most powerful download managers out there and you should definitely try this one out.
  • Great download speeds. Multiple file downloads in parallel.

Support for popular video hosting websites.

  • Supports proxy servers, FTP & HTTP protocols, and more.

The best free software to manage your large music and software downloads

A little pricey. Visit:Website (free 30-day trial, $29.95). Ninja Download Manager is one of my most favorite download manager apps for Windows. First of all, the app is probably the best looking download managers out there. I mean, while rest of the download manager on this list are functional, none of them is going to win any design award. Since Ninja Download Manager is new in the market, the developers had the chance to create something modern and they did exactly that. The app looks like a modern Windows 10 app and doesn’t stick out like an eyesore.

When you get past its looks, you will find that Ninja Download Manager is one of the best and fastest download managers out there.

  • The software uses multiple simultaneous connections which basically divides the whole file into different chunks and uses different server points to download different chunks, thereby bringing your exponentially faster download speeds.
  • Other features like pausing and resuming downloads, scheduling downloads, multiple downloads, queuing downloads, and more are also here.
  • One of my favorite features of NDM is its sequential downloads feature which ensures that your files are downloaded from start to finish, thus, allowing you to preview your downloads even before completion.
  • It comes in really handy while downloading big video files, as it allows you to check if the quality of file is good or not before you waste time and data on downloading the entire file.

I love NDM and highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good download manager for Windows.

  • Beautiful and elegant UI. Multiple file downloads in parallel. Ability to schedule downloads. Support for sequential downloads.

1) Free Download Manager

Parsing of media on non-popular websites is not supported. Visit:Website ($19). Free Download Manager or FDM is yet another open-source download manager for Windows which is very powerful. FDM, like other download managers on this list, brings faster download speeds by splitting the downloading files into different parts and then downloading those parts simultaneously. It also supports pausing and resuming of downloads even when a download is interrupted abruptly. One of the unique features of FDM is its support for torrent files which comes in really handy at times.