Fieldstone Tile For Inside Walls

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The classic look of fieldstone immediately suggests a traditional design palette. Heavy wooden furniture and cast iron appliances can be combined to form a cohesive room aesthetic. When using fieldstone indoors remember to take into account the size of the stone veneer. Faux stones that are large and have an organic shape can be overbearing when installed in small space.

Make sure to give the stone veneerenough space so that it can create an accent without taking over the space. With organic shaped faux stone veneer like fieldstone we have seen great results for outdoor projects and on fireplace facings, both inside and out.

It creates an elegant design that reflects the aesthetic of traditional homes.

One of the best attributes of fieldstone tile walls is that they have the ability to make a room feel warm. Complement the room with bronze or brushed chrome fixtures and plenty of soft, glowing lights for a truly lodge-like atmosphere.

If you want the wow factor of the fieldstones but with a much thinner cut, you may want to opt for a manufactured variety. These stones are generally made at just a fraction of the thickness and density of real fieldstones and are usually also much lighter and often better suited for indoor use.