Frameo Digital Frame Wifi Download

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Sending photos to your loved ones or friends over a long distance was made easy by instant messengers. But, what good if they're just residing in your phone instead of being displayed on a dedicated frame. Well, some can make this happen, but do you gonna change photos for every day if latest ones are incoming, or buy new frames to equip them all? Neither of these is logical, or say feasible. So we recommend using a digital photo frame, which connects with an app over Wi-Fi to receive and display new pictures everytime. And what's good than Frameo, an app that's dedicated for sending photos to your friends and family irrespective of they live. How Frameo Works? Frameo let's you send photos to digital photo frames existing in your friends and family's homes remotely. Since both the photo frame and Frameo app are connected to internet, you as a sender can transmit photos from your phone's gallery to others digital photo frames. The sharing happens in few seconds, and you can even add a relevant caption to the photo being shared. These simple features pushed Frameo among thousands of users till date. Not just that, pictures you send can be saved to microSD card for future use or in case you lose them accidentally.
But, have you thought about the privacy on sharing personal photos across using a third-party app?
Frameo assure here by following strick security measures to securely deliver your photos.
These transmissions are end-to-end encrypted, thus safe.
While the Frameo app is free to use on both Android and iOS, your partner should be having the digital photo frame to receive your photos, and vice versa.
You can find a Frameo installed digital photo frame in any photo gallery shops or online shopping sites.
Gift them, or get yourself one. How to Connect Frameo to a Digital Photo Frame? It's simple to connect your friends' photo frames to your app. Ask your friend to open the Frameo app in their digital photo frame, and select "Asd friend" option.
He'd then receive a pop-up with a code displaying it to be shared, ask him to share it to you.
Enter the code in your Frameo app (Add Friend section) to get connected.
Your friends' digital photo frame is now connected to your Frameo app.
You can select desired images from your gallery or select them in the Frameo app to send directly.
If you want to add a caption to the photo, you can do so before sending it.
Write something or add emojis before hitting the send button.
That would be showcased exactly at the other end.
Frameo is an easy way to share your photos with the people you love.
Send photos directly from your smartphone to a Frameo WiFi digital photo frame and allow friends and family to enjoy your best moments.
Add a caption to the photo to fully portray your experience!With the app you can send photos to all your connected Frameo WiFi photo frames wherever you are in the world.