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  1. So, you have a 3D printer… now what?
    I’m an engineer so you’d think I’d CAD a new design for my first print.
  2. Nope, I went to Thingiverse, searched for “Tesla 3d prints”, and printed a grocery bag hook for my trunk.
    If you know of Thingiverse, that’s a great place to start.
  3. But what other websites offer free STL files for you to download and print?
    For example, did you know that NASA has free models of various space objects, like the Apollo 1 landing site?
  4. Here is our huge – and updating – list of the best sites where you can get free STL files, downloadable 3d print designs, 3d models, and more to keep your 3D printer busy.
    The online world is full of all kinds of 3D models and free .stl files to simply download and start printing right away!
  5. While many models are available to purchase, there are plenty of free models and STL object files you can get for free.
    It’s an easy, simple way to get started on your 3D model adventures (or to save time).
  6. Let us take a closer look at the various different free 3D models and STL file printing sites available so you can make an informed decision regarding your next 3D print (or twelve).
    Thingiverse is by far the single most popular website for 3D printing models and it’s completely free.
  7. If you like the models here you just have to download them and you are good to go (for personal use).
    This site is basically an online repository of various 3D models where users are able to not only share their own individual pieces of work but also both acquire and mix other users’ work too.
  8. Their community and creators are also pretty active so you can have detailed discussions on specific types of 3D printing STL files or even ask for an update/tweak to the model.
    These can include different models, designs, and parameter selections along with both handling and management issues.
  9. Thingiverse is very consumer-focused and it is possible to do the following:.
    Share free STL files.
  10. Digitally re-mix other’s models.
    Have discussions and.
  11. Acquire objects with the help of 3rd party providers.
    This is the world’s largest 3D printing community and its main claim to fame is that it firmly believes that the 3D printing world is not mutually exclusive.
  12. This is why it actively encourages everyone to both create and remix 3D models and other STL files.
    Thingiverse also strives to ensure that all the 3D models presented here are licensed under their own creative commons license.
  13. In fact, this is the guiding spirit behind maintaining this open platform.
    This means that just about anyone can either use or alter the models, designs and free STL files present here.
  14. The best way to become actively involved with the Thingiverse community is to try to get involved with 3D designing on your own.
    But don’t worry, the Thingiverse repository doesn’t only consist of highly experienced designers, engineers, or even CAD/CAM drawing specialists.
  15. Anyone and everyone can join and learn and upload and download models and free STL files.
    However, this is not the only means of participation.
  16. You can gain your credibility in this community by simply posting your 3D print designs, either as a free STL file or any other format you prefer.
    It is also possible to create your very own models and templates for your best 3D design in the Customizer app.
  17. As of now, it uses the Thingiverse’s own API for 3D printing purposes.
    This Baby Yoda statuette’s design is available for free at
  18. Printables dubbs itself as “The Ultimate Database of 3D Models for Everyone” – and it delivers, with over 128 thousand models available for free when I wrote this.
    Printables is probably the single best alternative to Thingiverse we’ve found so far and has a ton of 3d printer projects available for download.
  19. But the name might throw you off… In March 2022, Prusa split its free STL file site off and renamed it from PrusaPrinters to Printables.
    Also better are their excellent 3D printers – especially their MK3S+ model (I own the Ender 3 V2 and Prusa’s MK3S+ and the MK3S line is in a whole other world from the Ender 3s.).
  20. From a vibrant community to contests to featured prints and free STL files, Printables is the one-stop shop for all your printing design needs.
    Best of all, all the prints are available for download even if you’re not a Prusa 3D printer customer.
  21. We’ve been really impressed with Cults3D lately – bumping it up from #16 to #4 on our list.
    Cults3D allows the user to browse through different categories and download some of the very best 3D printer models for open-source, free, or even paid mode.
  22. You can also download them in STL, OBJ, or SCAD format.
    Each and every one of Cults3D’s models are 3D printable guaranteed.
  23. Their work is centered around connecting the various 3D print files makers with the people who really want to put their 3D printers through their paces.
    They have a very strong community behind the site and also offer helpful advice via their blogs.
  24. They also hold contests for best work at sporadic intervals.
    Cults is a really great place to join if you’re looking to make money 3d printing.
  25. These bracelet models are available at the free section of their site.
    YouMagine “there is something for everyone.”.
  26. With over 19,000 free and open models, free STL files, and designs for 3D printing.
    YouMagine has multiple sections with both regular and featured images that are prominently displayed.
  27. YouMagine’s community members independently curate all the designs and place them in their respective collections.
    There is an entire section dedicated to various 3D printer upgrades as well as other collections that include miniatures and jewelry and other everyday objects.
  28. The blog section is also extremely helpful and it has been categorized into different sections.
    Here, you will be able to get all the information you need regarding SLA prints or anything else related to both novice level and even advanced printing tips and tricks for 3D printing and free STL work.
  29. They also hold regular contests for the best models and designs.
    YouMagine is a great way to start your search for your very first 3D printing project.
  30. Even if you are an expert in the art and science of 3D printing, you can still learn a lot from the community here.
    One note, this is a members’ only site so you’ll have to sign in via your Google or social media accounts before you can download anything.