Free 3d Models For Maya

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It's not easy to keep your fingers apart for a long time, so the scanning should be done as quickly as possible.

This small figurine of a Chinese horseman warrior was scanned to make perfect replicas in different sizes.

The complex geometry of this carburetor makes it a very simple object to 3D scan!

An elegant upholstered chair. A fairly complicated object to scan — the polished black wood and the thin back and arms required a special approach.

A fish can be tricky to scan, since it's body geometry changes when you turn it over to scan the other side, unless it's frozen (and in this case it was not).

The texture of the armchair may seem repetitive, but the pattern is actually unique and provides easy and reliable texture tracking.

A cosplay of a notorious super villain from DC comics universe - Harley Quinn.

A 3D model of a 4.5-meter tall monument to Napoleon on horseback made by the French 3D visualization company IMA Solutions using an Artec Eva.

Sixties style chair from one of our office conference rooms. Scanned as-is with no modifications needed for tracking.

A relatively easy object for scanning - the only challenges were its shiny surface (easily countered by anti-gloss spray) and the thin edges.

Small ratcheting screwdriver scanned with the Artec spider. Scanned in two passes, both laying on its side.

A quick scan of the top of the hand with Spider allows you to see the fine details of the skin and nails.

This mahogany tissue box holder proved to be an excellent scanning object due to its unique geometry.