Free 3d Models From Games

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Perhaps you are a bit artistically challenged, or you are looking for resources to prototype your 3D games? Where can you find the best free 3D models? This page is a collection of some of the best resources for 3D models with permissive licenses. If I’ve missed a resource you use, please let me know in the comments down below. If you are using a game engine, specifically Unity and Unreal, both host several free models for download.

22. SketchUp TEXTURE

Generally the license limits you to use those assets in those engines. Also keep in mind that you will see these assets commonly in asset flips due to their direct integration with their collective game engine. Also be careful to respect copyright laws. Just because you found a freely available Boba Fett model with a commercial license, doesn’t mean you can use it in a commercial project! Existing copyright and trademark laws still apply. To limit to just free models, go to the 3D category and search for something. You can then filter by price, including $0 as an option. The Unreal Engine asset store is a fraction of the size of the Unity store. The majority of free content is directly from Epic, but is of an exceedingly high quality. The above link searches for just free content. Products are freely usable in personal and commercial projects as long as you use Unreal Engine. TurboSquid is one of the oldest model resources on the internet and has a huge collection of free assets. The link above links directly to the free models, you can then filter down by addition requirements (rigged, poly count, etc). OpenGameArt is a repository for free assets aimed at game developers. The above link is directly to the 3D objects section. This is an non-curated collection, so quality varies massively.


39. 3Dmili

This site is dedicated to Blender and contains tons of Creative Commons licensed resources. You are given a daily download limit if not a member, although a free login option exists. Sketchfab is quickly becoming the place to demonstrate your artistic abilities, with full WebGL previews available. The above link is for resources tagged as free and downloadable. Unfortunately their search interface makes searching for free assets needlessly complicated. Google Poly is a resource for free 3D objects, with VR/AR in mind. Models tend to be low poly and flat shaded instead of textured.

15. TurboSquid

CGTrader is another online game marketplace with a large number of free downloads available. The above link is for free assets only. Be careful of licenses, royalty free licensed assets can be used in commercial projects, while editorial licenses cannot be used in commercial products. This is the Microsoft alternative to Google’s Poly. It’s aimed at Paint3D usage, so you have to open first in Paint 3D (a free Windows 10 only application), then export to a format such as FBX.

12. MorphoSource

Yeah, that NASA. They have a large collection of space related models and textures available. Granted a very niche collection, but invaluable if you are making a space related game. Another site with a huge archive of free 3D models for download. Currently over 130K models on the site. Yobi isn’t a model site, it’s a search engine that searches free sites. It searches several different free sites. Be aware the license varies from site to site, so be careful before using results in a commercial project.

46. 3DXO

Not everyone has to become a professional designer to create realistic 3D models as you can simply use one of the multiple websites that offer free 3D models instead. Regardless of whether you need to design 3D furniture, buildings, a mechanical part, or even a human figure, check out this list of 55 websites that can help you with that task.

29. VWArtclub

Below you’ll find my collection of sites, archives, and stores that offer 3D models free. Each option on the list allows you to browse through galleries of high-quality 3D designs that can be used for video games, animations, 3D printing, and all kinds of other projects. Some of the websites are actually stores that you can use to sell your own creations. This option was developed by Autodesk and offers over 44 thousand designs. Moreover, you can upload your own creations here as well.

This expansive website opens up a whole world of 3D models that contains over 50 thousand objects sorted into thematic collections. You can find more than 3500 professionally-made 3D assets on Adobe Stock.

44. CAD Blocks Free

A solid portion of them was made by the loyal community members and is available for free. TurboSquid hosts 3D designs in all popular formats including 3DS, C4d, OBJ, and several others. With over 18 thousand sorted, easily findable models, you’re bound to find exactly what you need. GrabCAD includes astonishing 2.8 million designs thanks to constant work of the biggest community of 3D creators and engineers in the world.

40. 3D Warehouse

CGTrader is a storefront for purchasing and selling 3D models. It’s not restricted to STL files and includes a broad collection of free three-dimensional designs that can be easily downloaded and printed out. Additionally, you can download scripts and plug-ins that will boost your artistic capabilities. If you can’t find the exact model you need, you can order it from the local job market. This website is both a community and storage of free 3D models for printing.

13. gCreate

The featured designs were created by professionals, who ensure the models were thoroughly tested before being uploaded. You also have the option of requesting a particular 3D model for printing that the local designers can later create. Another upside of this website is its availability in 7 languages. This French site was created to help users find a free 3D model for their printing projects.

38. CadNav

The name of the service (when read backwards) refers to Saint Luc, who is a patron of the arts. The website offers a lot of unique, high-quality designs, even though some of them are also posted on other similar platforms. This website boasts a collection of over 19 thousand designs offered in 3DS and GSM. It allows you to search for specific models, but the collection isn’t divided into categories like in most other options.


This service contains high-res 3D scans in such popular formats as OBJ, STL, and WRL. You can find anything here from anatomical parts to various industrial objects. This repository stores three-dimensional scanned fossils that can be found in collections across the United Kingdom. Each entry comes with zoological information about the species and a 3D model.

While you can’t exactly find a print-ready 3D model download of a T-Rex skull, the offered files are still very interesting. Learn more about stereoscopic photography. Originally created by anthropologists, this service is aimed at helping researchers share their 3D models free. You can sort the database by scientific taxonomy, anatomy area, type, and bibliography.