Free 3d Models To Print

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Specific Free STL file roundups – From fishing to RC Planes to Pokemon, all of our best collections

So, you have a 3D printer… now what? I’m an engineer so you’d think I’d CAD a new design for my first print.

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Nope, I went to Thingiverse, searched for “Tesla 3d prints”, and printed a grocery bag hook for my trunk.


If you know of Thingiverse, that’s a great place to start. But what other websites offer free STL files for you to download and print?



For example, did you know that NASA has free models of various space objects, like the Apollo 1 landing site?


Here is our huge – and updating – list of the best sites where you can get free STL files, downloadable 3d print designs, 3d models, and more to keep your 3D printer busy.


The online world is full of all kinds of 3D models and free .stl files to simply download and start printing right away!