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This is a list of free Blender addons that I highly recommend you take five minutes to download.

Addons help you get tasks done faster than doing everything manually as well as allowing you to do tasks otherwise impossible or extremely hard.

These free Blender addons are worth premium, but there creators have decided to give them to us for free!

We have tested all of these addons with Blender 3.0, most work with 3.1 as well, since the update did not change very many core parts of Blender.

Download the addon from online (do not unpack the .zip file).

Open Blender, go to Edit > Preferences > Addons.

Camera Size Presets

click the install button at the top right, navigate to the downloads folder and select the file.

Finally select the check box on the addon to enable it and you are ready to go!

BlenderKit is a built in addon that comes with a separate library of 3D models free and paid alike. It is a very quick way to create scenes and import models.

Node Wrangler

The paid version costs $6/month, and gives you access to more models and cloud storage.

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UV Packer will optimize your UV space and do it very quickly, it is also great for very large models, when the default blender UV packer isn’t enough.
Mouse Look gives Blender some Z-sculpt type navigation features and is made for people using Tablets and iPads.
Take a look if this is you.
BY-GEN is an addon which uses Blender’s built in modifiers to create procedural structures and weird generative alien things that can be customized however you like.
Kit Ops 2 is a 3D asset manager for blender, which means It allows you to make awesome scenes with your own or ready made 3D models, by simply dragging them into your scene.
BagaPie is packed with great features, it creates modifiers for geometry nodes, this means that you do not have to build the nodes from scratch every time you want to scatter objects or array something for example.
This addon gives you more options when saving Blender files, which is a really important part of using Blender.
EasyBPY converts blender’s python into a more readable and understandable format.
Therefore it is a good addon for people who are not already experienced with coding in blender and want an easy entrance.